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Find Out Which Brush You Need For Your Hair

Knowledge is power.

1. Backcombing Brush:  Every big-haired woman’s dream!  This skinny, elongated brush is made to add height and structure.  Great for day to day volume, updos, as well as giving fine hair a little boost.

2. Paddle Brush:  Think of this brush as the the tamer step-sister of the flat iron.  It’s great on long locks that wish to be blown out with a smooth, polished, volume-less finish.

3. Tangle Teezer:  This compact brush may not look like much, but it comes with an army tiny tangle fighting soldiers.  Perfect for baby fine textures, chemically stressed hair, or someone who had a little too much fun last night.

4. Ibiza G5 XL Round Brush:  An extra long hybrid brush designed to give a bouncy blowout.  Made for all hair types but works wonders on frizzy, coarse hair.  The cork handle adds grip making it one of the most comfortable brushes to use.

5. Mason Pearson: One word to describe a Mason Pearson… Iconic.  A celebrity hairdressers must have favorite, it’s great for styling as well as daily brushing. Made of boar bristle (that aids in disturbing your scalps natural oils) and nylon this brush has stood the test of time; since 1885!

6. Ceramic Round Brush:  Smoothness and volume are the name of this brushes game.  The ceramic heats like an iron, while the vented center gives heat protection and speeds up dry time.


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