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5 Korean Hair Trends to Jump on Now Before They’re Everywhere in 2022

Koreans have proved themselves as trailblazers in the states when it comes to skincare, music, food and a multitude of other facets. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that there are a slew of Korean hair trends in 2022 that are about to be everywhere.

Excited to jump ahead of the trends before everyone else? Keep scrolling!

C-Curl Perm

If your hair lacks volume and texture, a Korean perm is expected to make waves (pun intended!) in the year ahead. K-perms are said to help the face look smaller. A C-Curl in particular is the recommended way to go because it helps control frizz and doesn’t make the hair look flat. It’s basically a glorified (and much more permanent) blowout that straightens everything but the ends, which are curled in a C-shape.

Milk Tea Brown

When you hear about trends in brown hair, you’re likely thinking it’s all been done. But this milk tea brown is a distinct shade specific to Korea, and it’s bound to make its way to the states. Milk tea brown is slightly on the ashier side, with hints of dark blonde. 

Baby, Baby Bangs

2021 was the year of curtain bangs, and 2022 is about to go in an entirely different direction. If K-hair trends have anything to say about it, face-framing, pin thin, baby, baby strands will adorn the forehead.

Leaf Cut

This sophisticated retro ’90s look will be everywhere in 2022. The leaf cut is when chunks of your hair, namely the bangs, are styled in a wispy manner to appear like leaves.

Long Hair

While lengthy locks aren’t particularly prominent among Americans, the look will be huge in Korea this year. “Long hair will be the choice of length as we move on to 2022,” top Korean hairstylist Joel Park told Yahoo!. “Just take a look at K-dramas, and you will find many of the leading ladies with long hair. Think our favorite K-drama stars Jun Ji-Hyun, Song Hye-Kyo and IU. They are almost always in long tresses. Also, long hair provides you with more opportunities to experiment with different styling methods.”

Now that you know which Korean hair trends to follow, HERE are Korean hair products to try!

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