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Kristen Stewart’s Textured Style by Giannandrea Marongiu

Kristen Stewart wears piecey texture better than anyone we know. At the premiere of Still Alice last month, her hair looked extra exceptional. Thankfully, her hairstylist Giannandrea Marongiu (who was also the one to give her long locks the ‘chop’ a couple months ago), gave us all the details about how he  created this look on Kristen.

“The inspiration for her look was ‘Rocker Chic’.

  1. I started with wet hair and applied a lot of Macadamia Professional Volumizing Mousse to the whole head.
  2. Create a deep side part and comb the hair up and back like a pompadour.
  3. Take a large round bush and blow dry the top with extra volume, very high.
  4. Then smooth the sides back with Macadamia Professional Oil, sleek and tight.
  5. Once the whole hair  is dry take a good amount of Macadamia Whipped Detailing Creme and run your hands throughout the whole top to create chunky texture.
  6. Take a flat iron and only flatten a bit on the ends.
  7. To make it edgy, bring it to the side and let it drop slightly forward toward the face
  8. Spray the hair with Macadamia Control Hair Spray to set in place.”

Don’t forget to follow Giannandrea on Instagram for more #manespiration!

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