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Kristin Ess Just Launched a Chic, Super-Affordable Haircare Line at Target


If you’ve ever found yourself staring in awe (and envy) at the manes of celebs like Lucy Hale, Lauren Conrad, Jenna Dewan-Tatum or Olivia Munn chances are, you’ve been admiring at the magical work of celebrity stylist and TheBeautyDepartment.com co-founder, Kristen Ess. And guess what? Now, thanks to her brand new, totally affordable 15-piece namesake line (!!), you can finally take a little piece of Kristin’s celebrity-worthy magic home with you.

Available on Target.com as of yesterday (and in stores Jan. 22nd) the exclusive line – Kristin Ess Hair – features a curated collection of high-quality products for cleansing, conditioning, styling and restoring hair, all at very affordable prices (like $10-$14). To repair and protect your hair, the products contain a proprietary blend of strengthening and conditioning ingredients like chia seeds, pea protein and marine algae. My favorite part of this drop though? The super chic packing. Everything looks so expensive, luxurious and feminine. 


Follow Kristin for more inspo and info and let us know what products you plan to purchase from this line!



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