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MANESPIRATION: Kylie Jenner Goes Platinum for 18th Birthday Bash

kylie jenner blonde birthday hair Never one to be upstaged, the youngest star of the Kardashian Klan celebrated her 18th birthday by trading in her signature dark strands for a bona fide blonde bombshell mane!

Kylie Jenner 18th Birthday Blonde Hair

The reality star slash fashion mogul-in-the-making is giving us major whiplash with her incredible hair transformations. Who could forget the mermaid-inspired icy blue hue she made famous this summer on the festival circuit?

kylie jenner blonde birthday hair

Kylie, who has her own line of signature hair extensions, has always been adventurous when it comes to experimenting with her hairstyle. So it should come as no surprise that the up-and-coming 18 year old has made yet another bold statement with her sultry mane. The blonde beauty complemented her long locks with a dazzling cut-out dress that left all eyes on her.

kylie jenner platinum blonde birthday hair

Now that Kylie’s joined the ranks of our favorite fair-haired eye candy, we can’t help but feel transformed to when Kim broke the internet last Spring by going platinum. Could this be the ultimate sister showdown? Who do you think deserves the crown for this winning hairstyle?? Sound off in the comments!

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