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MANESPIRATION: Kylie Jenner’s Icy Blue Hue

Kylie Jenner Icy Blue Hair

No one can put instagram into a tizzy quite like the Kardashian-Jenner Klan, and the debut of Kylie Jenner’s snow-queen locks at the opening of the new Bellami Beauty Bar on Thursday were no exception. Just as we were starting to get used to her rocking her natural, dark brown shade, the soon-to-be beauty blogger jumped back on the rainbow hair trend that she fearlessly rocked at Coachella, but this time, opted for a pastel hue, and even coordinated her nails to match.

Created by artist Tokyo Stylez, who specializes in extensions and wigs, the custom color was created over three hours using her Bellami extension line as the base for the style. The change doesn’t seem to be permanent, unlike KJ’s teal ombre style from 2014, but either way, we’re beyond excited to finally be getting the scoop on all of her many hair makeovers on her new site!

Kylie Jenner Icy Blue Hair

What do you think of Kylie’s icy blue locks? Are you into the rainbow trend, or were you more partial to her natural color? Sound off in the comments!

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