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This Stylist Is Giving Us All the Black Girl Mane Magic

We’re not crying, you are. Why? Because we just discovered a wildly talented natural hair maven on the ‘gram. If we didn’t know any better, we’d think LaChanda Gatson, who goes by @imlachanda, was the mother of black girl mane magic. We first discovered the stylist’s work via @creativesoulphoto, an account run by a husband-wife duo based in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in lifestyle and children’s photography.

Our obsession started with a photo of two young queens posing in an afro and afro puffs adorned with bold, beaded hair accessories. Things quickly escalated when LaChanda posted shots from an African Warrior Queens editorial featuring a gorgeous model donning knee-length locs and braids to match larger-than-life Saint Mary halo crown spikes. Scroll through the gallery ahead (you must) to feast your eyes on a selection of natural hairstyles on baby-girl goddesses and beyond by Gatson that will GIVE. YOU. LIFE.

Photos: courtesy of @imlachanda

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