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MANESPIRATION: Lady Gaga For CR Fashion Book Issue 7

Lady Gaga graces the cover of CR Fashion Books Issue 7 in true Gaga form. Completely unretouched, the Classic/Eccentric theme of the issue is perfectly represented by Lady Gaga in her ever-reinventing nature. The double cover features Lady Gaga as both an innocent bride and an edgy, rock n’ roll eccentric. In the issue Gaga talks about her career and how she has grown and developed as an artist. “I always used to say to people when they would say, ‘Oh she’s the next Madonna’; ‘No, I’m the Next Iron Maiden.’”

Lady Gaga CR Fashion Book Issue 7 Mane Addicts

Appropriately, the hair was styled by Akki Shirakawa, who confessed to CR “as a teenager, I joined my friend’s band as a vocalist because I couldn’t play any of the instruments very well. I was given the position as the band hair and makeup artist and was in charge of making everyone look good. At the time, I only knew how to use a curling iron, hairspray, and lots of black lipstick.“

Lady Gaga CR Fashion Book Issue 7 Mane Addicts

The spread showcases Gaga in a range of looks and different fashions. Shirakawa took Gaga’s platinum locks from loose soft waves to punked out pigtails! In between she rocks texture that is begging to be replicated!

Lady Gaga CR Fashion Book Issue 7 Mane Addicts

“I think hair styles show peoples’ personalities. My job is not just doing hair, it’s about creating styles that show off their personalities the best,” says Shirakawa.

Lady Gaga CR Fashion Book Issue 7 Mane Addicts

Gaga agrees, stating in the issue, “I believe it’s everyone’s natural right to express themselves beyond what we learn as children. I’m much better at communicating through my work.”

Lady Gaga CR Fashion Book Issue 7 Mane Addicts

If you’re wondering what products were likely used on Gaga’s mane, Shirakawa admits, “my go-to products are L’Oreal Elnett hairspray, a Mason Pearson brush, YS Park comb, and a T3 curling iron.”


Be sure to check out the entire spread when the CR Fashion Book Issue 7 releases on September 3.

For more #manespiration, follow @akkishirakawa.

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