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22 Hair Looks That Prove Lady Gaga’s Got Big Aries Energy

Lady Gaga has taken us on a wild ride over the last decade.

From blunt bangs to yellow, blue, and emerald tendrils, iconic costumes, and her recently platinum grown-glam look, there’s never a dull moment, be it red carpet, on-stage, or off-duty – talk about Big Aries Energy!

No matter what Mother Monster is rocking, she’s sure to feature her mane prominently, whether that means fixing a halo crown behind her golden locks or making grown out roots look chicer than ever before. In honor of Stefani’s revolution around the sun, we decided to highlight some of her best looks.

Bang On

Gaga made her debut with thick blunt bags and tons of attitude.

Image via Getty


She can be our halo! Lady G’s look is as angelic as they come and total Halloween costume dream fuel.

Image via Getty

Mellow Yellow

Before she went platinum, Madame Monster’s mane was a vibrant shade of sunshine yellow.

Image via Getty

Higher Hair

The higher hair, the closer to… Gaga brought the volume with this Parisian Bride of Frankenstein look I honestly want more of.

Image via Getty

Meat Dress!

Oh, the iconic “Meat Dress.” Lady Gaga’s styling team didn’t miss a deli slice with this shocking VMA look, they even crafted a prosciutto hat and brushed her tresses with a sky-blue sheen to really bring out the reds and pinks.

Image via Getty

Marge Simpson

This is the chicest Marge Simpson nod in recorded history – and as a lesser-known look, proof that everything Lady Gaga touches is cool AF.

lady gags
Image via Getty

Platinum Dreads

She even had locs and her version is platinum meets down-to-there.

Image via Getty

The 80s In Motion

For her Superbowl halftime performance, Gaga paid homage to the divas before her with max volume tresses – caught here in motion.

Image via Getty

Gothic Braids

This look is the opposite of a bad romance – we love the juxtaposed light and dark with turn-of-the-century vibes.

Image via Getty

Chignon City

Gaga shows off a lady-like chignon as she dazzles the red carpet.

Image via Getty

Grown Out Roots

A middle-part emphasizes brunette roots breaking through platinum blonde hair – we are still obsessed with this look.

Image via Getty

Not Born This Way

A subtle blue had us doing double-takes, but alas, she couldn’t have been born with ice glacier highlights.

Image via Getty

Poker Hair

Lady Gaga flaunts a side-part and rocker vibe — she’s as ready for date night as game night.

Image via Getty


We’ll say it again, an s-curl/beachy wave style is universally flattering. Gaga channels all things “woke up like this” to balance out her over-the-top foil frock.

Image via Getty

Flipped Ends

Stefani is all camp at the Met Gala with flipped ends, a braided crown, and larger than life bow.

Image via Getty

Side Pony

This relatable side pony makes major waves.

Image via Getty

Dad Hat

Gaga rocks a dad hat, with pieces of hair breaking through, while showing off her pride.

Image via Getty

Wet Look

Slightly crimped locks meet a wet look via this sassy style.

Image via Getty

Baby Likes to Dance in the…Blue

Gaga debuts ornate head gear and an electric blue mane on the set of SNL.

Image via Getty

Bubble Beauty

It doesn’t get more on-trend than silver strands and an illuminating stay-safe bubble.

Image via Getty

Heavy Metal

A metal mask complements metallic hair brilliantly – peep the wisp of light blue adding dimension to a very tactile style.

Image via Getty

Brunette Coils

Gaga has returned to her brunette roots and she’s keeping it vintage while switching it all the way up.

Image via Getty

Channel your inner Gaga with THESE bold Aries looks.

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