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Landry Bender Gets Real About Her Long Hair

Landry Bender Fishtail Braid by Justine Marjan

When Landry Bender walks into a room, the whole room lights up with her. While currently working on Disney Channel’s Best Friends Whenever, the recently turned 16 year old has a refreshing perspective on beauty and an infectious personality. We invited her to MA head quarters for a quick chat about hair while treating her always down long locks (can you believe all that hair is real?!) to a sleek fishtail braid. 

Tell us about yourself.

I’m Landry. I’m 16-years-old. I love Netflix and chocolate and Audrey Hepburn. There’s me!


What are you currently working on?

I’m working on a Disney Channel series called Best Friends Whenever and we’re on season two right now. It’s been super fun and I’m having a great time.


How would you describe your character on the show? Do you two relate?

My character is actually very different from me. She’s a tomboy, she’s very headstrong and she has this sarcastic vibe to her, which is really fun to play. She’s different from me but in a lot of senses, like the sarcasm and confidence, there are a lot of elements that are also really similar. 


How has she changed since season one?

She’s grown a lot. I think it’s cool to play someone so young as someone so young because we’re growing together. So if you watch the pilot and right now we’re on episode 13 of season two—so to watch that growth, in my opinion, is crazy.


Who inspires you?

My mom and my dad are two of my biggest inspirations. I love you! And there are so many people in this industry who inspire me that if i named them all I’d been here for an hour. So many people creatively, my family, people who are headstrong and love what they do in life.


Who’s been your favorite costar so far? 

The first film I ever did was with Jonah Hill and it was called The Sitter. To work on something like that, he really led by example and that’s something I love. He was working with little tiny year olds, he didn’t have to do anything. We were working one day and I was running to set. The catch phrase of this business is hurry up and wait, that’s what everyone does. So I’m running to set, and he stops me and he goes, “Landry, walk with me.” Slowly, we walked, got to set and they weren’t ready. He taught me to keep my ground and I really respect him.


How do you prepare yourself for a role?

I think it depends on the role. I’ve done a lot of comedy, which is easier for me. But with drama, you have to get yourself in that mindset whereas with comedy it’s about the timing.


If you were going to a red carpet tonight, how would you wear your hair? 

I love this look, it’s so cool! My favorite thing about having long hair is that you can do so many different things to it. I love either having something big and chunky like this or wearing it down and crazy. I love to try new things.


What is the wildest thing anyone has tried to do to your hair?

Oh my gosh, the craziest one was when I was probably 12, I did a photoshoot for Thrifty Mag. They teased my entire head, which was really great in the moment except for when I had to go home and try to shower it out, and I had an audition the next day and they were like, “Your hair is really fluffy!” It stayed fluffy for like a good three or four days, but it was really cool during the shoot and it eventually came out.


What is one thing you wish you could do to your hair but you’re not ready for it?

Probably dye it. I don’t know if I would want to though. Dye it or cut it. I’m very protective of my hair so I’d have to be ready for it and the right reasons.


Are you more of a hair up or down girl?

It depends on my mood. When I’m chill or when I’m doing something casual, I usually have it up in a bun or ponytail. When I’m not, I have it down and flowing.

Keep up with Landry at @landrybender.


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