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I Tried a Steam Flat Iron for the First Time—Here’s What It Does to Your Strands

Just when I thought I had all the hot tools I need, l’ange went ahead and dropped a steam flat iron! Up to this point, I’ve remained loyal to my trusty CHI Lava 2.0 and haven’t been on the hunt for anything new. But when something innovative comes along, it obviously piques my interest.

The Product

L’ange’s steam flat iron (formally known as Le Vapour) launched last month, and I was one of the first people to get their hands on it. The brand was kind enough to send along my very own tool, and I ripped it open.

Straight from the product’s description page, Le Vapour gently and effectively smooths your hair, leaving strands silky, sleek, and hydrated without sacrificing body. It utilizes a combination of infrared heat and steam to infuse hair with moisture and help reduce potential damage. Rounded ceramic plates let you straighten and curl for a variety of beautiful, long-lasting styles.

Based on my research, this tool is among the first of its kind (the others being from L’Oréal Professional and Cortex Beauty). But great innovation doesn’t come cheap! While the l’ange product is on sale, this and the aforementioned steam irons are $100+.

L’ange Le Vapor Infrared Steam Flat Iron: $199

l'ange steam flat iron is a newly launched hot tool
(via l’ange)

The Experience

I was initially confused by how to apply the water (which in turn creates the steam), but one quick glance at the instruction manual and I was good to go. The iron comes with a small plastic water dropper, and the steam was still going by the end of my first straightening sesh. The tool is good for all hair types, but recommended primarily for fine to medium hair. My hair is thick, and took a bit longer to iron than anticipated.

In addition to locking in moisture, the steam from the flat iron kept the hair cool to the touch. The steam also helps prevent damage. It also comes with heat-resistant gloves. Most importantly, it did give me the silky smooth hair I was after.

Bottom Line

Owning a quality flat iron is a non-negotiable in my opinion. It’s a worthy investment if you decide to spend the big bucks. That said, if you already have a flat iron that you know and love, I don’t think purchasing a steam iron is a necessity. But if you’re curious to try an innovative hot tool and you have extra cash to spare, I have nothing bad to say about this gadget.

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