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6 Latinx-Owned Hair Brands to Shop ASAP

Anyone in the business will tell you, the beauty industry is in dire need of diversity. And it’s up to consumers to support budding brands in that department. Coming off the heels of Latinx Heritage Month, we’re highlighting tk Latinx-owned brands to shop now and always. From organic formulas to the ultimate curly-haircare, these powerful products are must-buys.

Shop these six Latinx-owned brands now!

1. Honey Baby Naturals

Sold at retailers like Sally Beauty and Target around the country, this Latinx-owned brand is a must shop for sure. Hitting the market in 2016, Aisha Ceballos-Crump’s honey-centered brand is specially formulated for textured hair.

Honey Baby Naturals | Mane Addicts

Via Honey Baby Naturals

2. Rizos Curls

This one is for the curly-haired babes. Founded by Julissa Prado, Rizos Curls celebrates all curl-types, with formulas specifically geared towards achieving the perfect shiny, frizz-free coils.

Rizos Curls | Mane Addicts

Via Rizos Curls

3. Toque Magico Emergencia

Deep conditioning treatments are right at your finger tips with this amazing brand. These powerful products balance sweet smelling coconut and highly effective ingredients for cleansing and conditioning.

Toque Magico Emergencia | Mane Addicts

Via Walmart

4. Botánika Beauty

This killer brand was created by none other than Honey Baby Natural’s own Aisha Ceballos-Crump – so you know these products are just as good. with an eye towards celebrating the overlooked and underrepresented Latina woman in the haircare and beauty industry, Botánika’s products contain healing herbs and ingredients to soothe your strands.

Botánika Beauty | Mane Addicts

Via Botánika

5. Ceremonia 

This Latinx-owned clean beauty brand Ceremonia delivers when it comes to scalp health. Their scalp power-duo contains an award-winning miracle-oil, Aceite de Moska, which nourishes and strengthens hair like no other.

Ceremonia latinx-owned hair brands | Mane Addicts

Via Ceremonia

6. Rëzo Haircare

Another amazing beauty brand you should have on your radar. This women-owned Latinx haircare line combines ingredients like black tea and linseed oil to create products that empower the curl community.

Rëzo Haircare latinx-owned hair brands | Mane Addicts
Via Rëzo Haircare

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