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Celebrity Hairstylist Laura Polko Shares What’s Always Inside Her House Call Hair Kit

For Mane Addict’s Kit Raid series, we profile one Mane Master who is making waves in the industry. We poll their likes, favorite products and can’t-live-without travel accessories.  This week, we raid Laura Polko’s kit– the woman behind Gigi Hadid’s enviable waves and Hailee Steinfeld’s cool girl mane. 

Laura Polko Headshot

(via Laura Polko)

What is your Instagram handle? 


Laura Polko's Kit

(via Laura Polko)

What luggage do you use for your kit?

Jen Atkin’s Cal Pack or Away Luggage.

Jen Atkin x Calpak

(via Jen Atkin x Calpak)

What was the first piece of luggage you ever had for your kit?


What is the most unique story involving your kit?

One time I had a rental car because mine was in the shop and I had JUST moved to Venice. [On] day two of living there, I had a major client I was doing for the first time. I went to my rental car only to find out it had been stolen! There is nothing worse than working with tools and products you aren’t used to!

What are the mainstay tools in your kit?

A T3 Cura LUXE Dryer, the “Volume Boost” switch is amazing and this dryer always leaves hair feeling healthy and looking super shiny. Rpzl Extensions, they match every hair color so I can bulk up a look or pony with an easy color match. Other tools include a T3 SinglePass Luxe Flat Iron and SinglePass Curl Curling Iron, these irons heat up quickly and evenly allowing me to get the job done fast and efficiently! As far as products go, Aveda’s  Wet Line is in my kit. These products are all natural but work super well. This is great to maintain the quality of hair.

T3 Single Pass Luxe

(via T3)

If you could only travel with three tools, what would they be?

First would be T3 Featherweight Compact Travel Dryer because it works in every country with a dual-voltage switch—perfect for international jobs! Second is T3 SinglePass Luxe Flat Iron because it gets hair super straight and super shiny without having to go over it many times. Third and final would be T3 Convertible Collection because it’s easy to travel with. It includes 7 barrel sizes to achieve almost any look.

T3 Curling Iron

(via T3)

What other miscellaneous items made it onto your kit? 

I keep craft store goods like cords and ribbons, just in case. I also keep scünci products because they have every accessory ranging from basics to chic.

What non-hair item do you always stock your kit with?

A tote bag!

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