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Laura Rugetti of The Beauty Can Shares How Her Salon Handled a COVID-19 Scare

Laura Rugetti was eager to re-open her Calabasas salon The Beauty Can after California Governor Gavin Newsom gave the go-ahead for hair salons and barbershops to open in late May of this year.

A few days into the salon being open, one of the stylists revealed she wasn’t feeling well. She got a COVID-19 test to be safe. It came back positive.

“We were open for two days, then we had this scare,” Laura told Mane Addicts over the phone. “She came into work fine the day before, then had symptoms the day after. So, she got tested and it was the virus.”

Immediately after learning this, Laura revealed she shut down the salon and paid for a COVID cleaning.

“It costs around $3,000 to get it done,” she said. “They were there from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. cleaning every inch of the salon.”

The next step was to make sure her stylists and coworkers were tested.

“I had them all get tested for coronavirus and they all came back negative,” she shared.

Then came talking to the clients after a rumor had spread everyone there had contracted coronavirus.

“The truth will always set you free,” Laura noted. “I told my clients the second I found out, though a rumor made its way around that everyone in the salon had the virus. Eventually, I weeded it down to who started it and let them know that this type of gossip can really hurt a salon, especially during these times.”

This whole ordeal happened almost a week and a half ago now, but Laura isn’t taking any chances.

“It’s a very different situation and a learning experience, but we are taking things very seriously here,” she said. “There are no double bookings, everyone must remain six feet apart, and we require clients to wear masks at all time. Apart from that, we’re taking temperatures before people come in, sanitizing the stations thoroughly between clients, and making sure no two clients are in the same room at a time.”

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Still, Laura understands that many are hesitant to head back into the salons.

“I’m in people’s faces all the time,” she shared. “In a salon, it’s difficult to keep your distance from the client.”

Her clients aren’t the only ones who aren’t quite ready to come back.

“I’ve lost four stylists to house calls,” Lara revealed. “They liked working from home so much during all of this that they decided to keep it that way.”

While Laura is excited about The Beauty Can currently being open, she’s preparing for another wave of lockdowns.

“This is not fake, it’s not going away,” she pointed out. “I’ve been looking into loans to have in case of an emergency for when we potentially get shut down again. Everyone’s health is the most important thing.”

The year has not been what any of us have expected. Even with all the uncertainty, Laura is ready for every bit of it.

“It’s 2020,” she said. “Bring it on.”

California isn’t the only state that has re-opened salons; Georgia has as well. HERE are five things you need to know.

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