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Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential Reveals the Ultimate Lazy Girl Hair Hack

Lauren Evarts The Skinny Confidential Silver Blonde Hair

Lauryn Evarts is a girl after our own heart. She’s smart, sassy and believes dry shampoo is where the world begins and ends. She also happens to have a totally gorgeous mane worth lusting over.

Lauren Evarts The Skinny Confidential Silver Blonde Rosebud Hair

As for how to achieve her signature cool-girl waves, the babe behind The Skinny Confidential is the first to share her dirty little secret: she’s not a fan of washing her hair…like ever.

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I DON'T WASH MY HAIR 🐭 I mean I do- but not really. usually i go a wk & half-ish. a lot of you guys have specific questions about my dirty, little secret SO let's talk about it? • + I wash my hair with purple shampoo (it keeps it ashy & not too golden). then I use a nourishing conditioner. usually I'll get a blowout bcuz washing my hair is just too much effort & I'd rather multitask and work while getting a blowout. afterwards I use dry texturizing spray. ALWAYS. • + to preserve the blowout for as long as possible I do 'The Sleep Bun' every night (link in bio to see a visual). all you need is an alligator clip 🐊 make sure you twist hair in one direction & keep the clip at the tip of the hair. • + I use dry shampoo A LOT. on tips & roots. • + now for the gross part: when I do @tscbombshellbody workout which is about 5 days a week, I have a method. HA! so typically I'm not the biggest sweat-er but if I do sweat a lot, I take some water and splash it on the roots. then I use a blow dryer to blow the roots dry. after I spray dry shampoo on roots & ends (6 inches away), I add a little texturizing spray at the end. lastly, I've been spraying grapefruit oil in my hair so it smells good! the whole dirty process takes like 5 minutes. 💁🏼 • + since doing my whole method, my hair is longer, fuller, & shinier. I've done this for like 6 to 7 years & it works GREAT bcuz it slows down oil production. • + ALSO for the last 3 days before I wash it, I'll throw it into a low bun or sleek ponytail. • so yah, over-washing SUCKS in my opinion. lmk if you have questions!

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It all starts with a professional blowout and some texturizing spray. From there, she preserves the blowout for as long as possible (~1.5 weeks by her measure) by sleeping with a loosely clipped topknot at nights, followed by enough dry shampoo on her tips and ends to style every mane in Taylor Swift’s girl squad. Since starting this method six or seven years ago, she says her hair is longer, fuller and shinier.

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happy 4th, get naked 🌭

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And while we’re big fans of lazy girl chic when it comes to styling, we’re all about investing our efforts into a killer color job. Over the years Evarts has transitioned from golden blonde to icy platinum. She prefers her highlights to start a few inches away from the roots and brighten towards the ends of her long, layered locks.

Lauren Evarts The Skinny Confidential Silver Blonde Hair Flip

Lucky for us, this blonde bombshell is sharing her tips and tricks to help every girl achieve a mega mane. Keep reading for 6 of her must follow tips:

  1. Be picky about your stylist.
  2. Conditioner is more important than shampoo.
  3. Only wash your hair once or twice a week.
  4. Use heat on your locks sparingly.
  5. Avoid sulfates and parabens in product.
  6. Use sunscreen on hair daily.

Think you could embrace Evarts low maintenance hair routine? We want to know what YOU think in the comments below!





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