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These 3 Zodiac Signs Are the Laziest With Their Hair

While we at Mane Addicts obviously understand the importance of haircare, not everyone else agrees. Some people just prefer to use their time doing what they consider to be more productive than maintaining luscious locks each day. Are you one of those people? Keep reading to find out which three zodiac signs are the laziest with their hair.


By no means lazy in general, when it comes to your hair, you don’t exactly go above and beyond. Being the perfectionist of the zodiac, you certainly make sure no hair is left out of place—but on the same token, Virgos are creatures of habit who stick to what’s tried and true. While you do your best to look polished and presentable, you don’t go out of your way to do anything special with your look. As long as your hair looks clean and tidy, you’re good to go!


With a life that revolves around travel and the outdoors, you don’t see the point in putting much effort into your hair, Sag. After all, it’s only going to go up into a bun or ponytail anyway. The laidback vibe of your locks melds perfectly with your carefree, easygoing personality. 


Ah, practical Taurus. You’re the best at time management and prioritizing your life aka, you value extra Zzzs and getting somewhere on time over a perfectly coiffed ‘do. Sure, when the occasion calls for it, you’re not opposed to getting dolled up, but on an average day, a laidback look is nothing you’ll frown upon.

Don’t see your sign on this list? Find out if you’re one of the few zodiac signs who takes the best care of their hair HERE!

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