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NEED TO KNOW: Leaving the Salon Happy

So, you’re thinking of taking the plunge and making a change to your mane? We fully support it and want to help you make the best of your salon experience! 

Whether it’s your first time going to a salon or just trying out a new stylist, we have everything you need to prepare.

First things first, know what you want. The best strategy for confidence in the color you desire, is pictures! Finding images of the color, tone and brightness are key to an overall understanding between you and your stylist. 


Aura Friedman of Sally Hershberger explains “With color, language and perception play a huge role in the consultation.” she suggests to “figure out exactly what it is you like about the photo [such as] the contrast, dimension or lightness.” 

Finding images of hair similar to yours will be a huge help for you and your stylist.

Rita Hazan of Rita Hazan Salon NYC mentions to “Be realistic with your pictures, Find ones that have similar features as you do [such as] skin tone, eye color and facial shape.” 

Having a realistic end result puts confidence in you and your stylist, to make sure you leave the salon with exactly what you wanted! 


Do your research! Clariss Rubenstein of Gloss Salon Beverly Hills says “ Find a stylist whose work you love, This way you go in with an element of trust in place.” 

Having trust in your stylist will make your service will run smoothly and stress free! Clariss adds “I trust my stylist completely. If I’m open and I just want her to work her magic, I ask her opinion and let her go to work.”

It’s totally acceptable to go into the salon with less than squeaky clean hair. Rita suggests “not washing your hair the night before a service. If you have a sensitive scalp the natural oils will protect you from any irritations.” An especially important precaution for color and lightening services. 

She also recommends “doing a treatment the week of getting your hair colored, so it’s hydrated, healthy, and will accept the color evenly.” 


Tell the truth and be prepared to spill your hair’s color history. Celebrity stylist Ursula Stephen recommends you “be very honest about the history of your hair treatments especially when it comes to chemical services, even if it’s embarrassing.” Knowing your history helps your stylist to fully evaluate what needs to be done to keep your hair healthy throughout the color service. 

Ursula adds “Many things affect the way your hair reacts to hair color. So do your self a favor and come clean, even if you did a DIY color 2 years prior.” 

This will help to start an honest relationship with you and your new stylist, and you will be sure to leave the salon with healthy, beautiful hair!

Now you have everything you need to rock your next appointment! 

Looking for advice before your next haircut? We’ve got you covered!

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