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Lee Rittiner’s New Haircare Line is Totalee What Your Kit is Missing

Lee Rittiner works with some of the top celebrities and influencers in the game including Chantel Jeffries, Sazan Hendrix, Rocky Barnes and more. You’ve also seen him work his magic on Khloé Kardashian’s Revenge Body. So when we were heard that he was launching his own hair care line, we were so here for it. Totalee (yes, that’s a spin on his name) combines the power of oxygenated oil and a superfood cocktail into every product. So what exactly does that mean? Let us break it down for you.

Oxygenated Oil

Totalee is formulated with Essential Oxygenated Oils, meaning they are infused with activated oxygen. This is great for your hair because it better absorbs all nutrients and ingredients a lot better. This helps leave that soft consistency that we all want after styling our hair.


We’re all aware of how superfoods are great for us both internally and externally. They penetrate our hair with vitamins and nutrients that it wouldn’t get otherwise, and are a great source of natural components. All Totalee products are infused with its signature Superfood Cocktail for healthier, stronger strands.

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You’ll feel good knowing that all of Totalee’s products are environmentally friendly, and are naturally derived and made in the US. They are all free of toxic chemicals and ingredients and are tested by a third party lab for safety and efficacy purposes.


It’s also good to note that Totalee products are designed to work on all hair types. Whether you have fine, flat roots or thick curls, you’ll still get a soft and smooth finish from using any of the products.


The price tag doesn’t hurt either! Starting at $19.95, the products do not go higher than a price tag of $24.95 unless you’re buying a bundle. You’ll get luxe haircare without the expensive price attached to it. Talk about a win-win situation, right?

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At the moment the brand has five hero products for you to choose from: a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in cream, leave-in spray treatment and shine mist. It essentially carries everything that you need to have a good hair day, every day. If celebrities love it, and it’s curated by a pro hairstylist, then you’re bound to love it too. Get your own red carpet and Insta-worthy strands with Totalee.

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