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Leo Hair Guide: The Best Cuts, Colors, & More for the Zodiac Sign

Leo season has finally arrived and it’s time to embrace that main character energy, especially for those of you with Leo placements. We know you’re almost always the star of the show, but we wanted to help you shine a little bit brighter these days. It is your season, after all. To give you everything you need to look your best, we put together a Leo hair guide full of the best haircuts, hair colors, hairstyles, and even hair accessories for your zodiac sign. Scroll on for loads of Leo hair inspo!

Best Haircuts for a Leo

There is no shortage of haircuts you can’t pull off, though there is a handful that helps elevate your style a bit. Because your zodiac sign is known for having bouncy, voluminous curls, we rounded up a few haircuts that really embrace your texture. And, a few that radiate main character vibes.

Curly Wolf Cut

A curly wolf cut is the perfect crop to uniquely showcase your ringlets. No matter how tight your curls, there’s a way to make the wolf cut work. The shorter haircut adds movement and volume to otherwise flat curls. Plus, it’s literally everywhere right now. And we know how much you enjoy sporting a trend because you wear it better than anyone, Leo.

The Rachel

Is there a more main character haircut than the Rachel? We don’t think so. Those piecey layers are the perfect way to frame that gorgeous face of yours and put it on full display throughout Leo season and beyond.

Long Layers

Should your strands be a bit straighter, long layers are a great cut for you. There’s something about this style that feels very lead character in a rom-com, which makes it all the more fitting for you. Again, it’s another great look to highlight your beautiful visage.

The Bixie

The bixie is really having a moment right now, proving to be the haircut of the year. We know short hair can be intimidating but it can also be liberating. With the bixie, you’ll radiate fun-loving energy that feels on par with the season.

Best Hair Colors for a Leo

Because you are ruled by the sun, gold and yellow hair colors are often best for you, Leo. You want something that will help you shine so stay away from anything too dark or dreary. We picked out a few vibrant hair colors to give you an extra bit of glow this Leo season.

Golden Blonde

No sign wears blonde quite like you do, Leo. The way it sparkles in the sunlight, the shade was quite literally meant for you. While any blonde hue will do, we suggest you stick with a classic golden blonde. With hints of honey, this warm hair color is calling your name.


Copper has had a bit of a resurgence with celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid sporting the color. So clearly, it has plenty of main character energy. Discover the best copper hair color for your skin tone here before diving into redhead territory.

California Brunette

We know we said gold and yellow hair colors were the best for a Leo, but blondes can’t have all the fun. Brunettes can also get in on the action as well. Still, you want to ensure you aren’t going too dark. That’s where California brunette comes into play. With subtle, sun-kissed highlights, the brunette shade is an easy way to go lighter.


We know you aren’t afraid to be a bit bold with your style, Leo, which is why we’d love to see you go marigold for Leo season. A perfect blend of yellow and orange hues, this sunny shade will have you feeling, well, sunny.

Best Hairstyles for a Leo

You’ve got the best haircuts and the best hair colors so now it’s time to talk hairstyles. The looks we rounded up will fill you with pride to help you unearth that royal energy inside you.


For all our Black Leos, the afro is one of the best hairstyles for you. If you aren’t Black, don’t even try it. That should go without saying but we’d rather be safe than sorry. Anyway, the afro is a great style for your zodiac sign because it mimics a crown and has such a rich history.

Big Curls

Curls and Leos go hand in hand. Because your hair is often said to represent the mane of a lion, big curls will offer you those king of the jungle vibes.

Mermaid Waves

Mermaid waves give off major Leo hair vibes without being as prominent as big curls. They’re a more everyday style than curls for most. These waves will also help you embrace the magic of the summer months when it’s the dead of winter.

’90s Updo

The ’90s have really come back in full force, especially when it comes to hair. We’ve been loving the various iterations we’ve been seeing of the classic ’90s updo, including the Pam Anderson updo. (P.S. While she is a Cancer sun, Anderson does have a Leo venus.)

Best Hair Accessories for a Leo

To finish this Leo hair guide off, we had to share some of the best hair accessories for your zodiac sign. They’ll complement any style, cut, and color you choose.


Your zodiac sign is represented by the lion, which is known for being the king of the jungle. Obviously, you should feed into that by wearing a crown of your own. You don’t need to don it every day, but on those days when you need an extra boost of confidence, let a crown work its magic. This Pearl And Crystal Headband Set from Scünci isn’t exactly a regency-era crown, but it will do the trick.

Scünci Pearl And Crystal Headband Set
(Image Source: Ulta.com)

Hair Gems

Thanks to TikTok, hair gems are all the rage. They’d look especially perfect sprinkled throughout your curls and waves, giving your style that extra bit of razzle-dazzle. To get the look, purchase a hair blinger here.

Hair gems for Leo hair
(Image Source: Walmart.com)

Hair Tinsel

Another sparkly hair accessory we’re loving is hair tinsel. The extensions can be added in yourself or you can go to a stylist. Or, to make things even easier on yourself, you can snag the Kacey ponytail extension from Insert Name Here. The 26-inch long extension comes with plenty of tinsel sprinkled throughout and is so incredibly simple to apply.

Kacey ponytail extension Inert Name Here Hair
(Image Source: Inhhair.com)

Curling Iron

Not so much an accessory as a hair tool, but every Leo needs a good curling iron by their side. Curly hair is synonymous with Leo so treat yourself to a curling iron that will allow you to create the most gorgeous ringlets around. Our personal fave? The Bio Ionic Long Barrel Curling Iron. Whether you’re looking to achieve tight coils or loose waves, this iron will help you get there.

Bio Ionic Long Barrel Curling Iron
(Image Source: Ulta.com)

Need more hair inspiration, Leo? HERE are 10 curly hair looks only your zodiac sign can rock!

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