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GIVEAWAY: Leonor Greyl x Mane Addicts Paris Fashion Week Giveaway!!!

Whether you’re in Paris or not, it’s safe to say we’re all feeling a little French this week thanks to fashion week! If your feeling green with envy from a feed that’s flooded with behind the scenes snaps from the catwalk and shots of the perfect espresso, don’t worry, because we want to make sure you feel Parisian too! Which is why we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite French hair care brands, Leonor Greyl, to bring 3 lucky winners a full gift box of all the best hair care products Paris has to offer. And if you haven’t tried Leonor Greyl yet, you’re in for a treat!


  • Like ‘Mane Addicts’ on Facebook
  • Comment on this post about what you think makes ‘French Girl Hair’
  • Subscribe to our Youtube Channel
  • Wait patiently until we announce our winners!


  • Must be located in the United States
  • Only one entry per person
  • Contest ends October 4 at 11:59pm PST.
  • Winners will be announce on October 5th on Facebook.

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