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A Letter from our Editor in Chief, Jen Atkin

Here we go 2017. It’s fair to say that 2016 was a rollercoaster of a ride, and it was a huge year for all of us at Mane Addicts!  From hosting @barbiestyle at one of our classes, to being backstage at NY and Paris fashion weeks, celebrating our 2nd bday with our Mane fam….it was such a creative and fulfilling year. 

Mane Universsity

Our Mane Masters had the chance to teach Mane University classes all around the world from Chicago and New York, to Hawaii and London. Inspiring, creative and talented hairstylists… Tracey Cunningham, Chris Appleton, Priscilla Valles, Sarah Conner, Harry Josh, Aura Friedman and Danny Moon. Our team shares with me messages they get from every class: 

“I’ve been in the business for 20+ years. My fave class ever. Setting, refreshments, swag bags. But above all Jen and Adir’s sweet approachable manner, and so many usable incredible tips for beautiful hair. Lived that it was a styling class.” – Brynn Chadwick

“It was very down-to-earth incredibly inspiring, and amazing!! Tracey is the absolute best!!!!! I feel very lucky to have been able to be a part of this class.” – Robert Boice

We are excited to announce that our next Mane University, presented by Bumble and bumble, will be on February, 17th.  The one and only Laurent Philippon and our own Mane Master Scotty Cunha will be hosting this event.  Join us after Fashion Week in NYC to learn runway and red carpet styling tips.  Being able to connect with all of you out there and help provide continued education to hairstylists of all levels is incredible and exciting for me. 

Looking back on our incredible Mane Muse photo shoots with muses like Karrueche, Jordyn Woods, Olivia Holt, Tinashe, Emily Bett, and our most recent Yara Shahidi! These ladies all have incredible stories and spirits and I’m so thankful to include them on the site. The best part of having a digital space is being able to create inspiring images with incredible artists and photographers, that will then inspire other artists out there. We love giving our readers access to some of the worlds top celebrity and editorial talents, and it’s an honor to showcase their work. 


I’ve been getting a lot of DM’s and Snaps asking me for career advice (which is still so crazy to me), and I love new beginnings…new years. My little bit of advice: it is important to look back to evaluate the previous year to keep yourself and your goals in check. I really believe that writing down your goals the old school way with a pen and paper puts it out into the universe. Create a mood board, vision board and write out daily/monthly/yearly goals but then make sure you follow up with them consistently. Do yourself a favor and ask what your resolutions were last year. Evaluate, learn and create your new resolutions! My other advice: always work hard and be nice to people; be ambitious and have your priorities straight; be smart with your money, and invest in yourself to improve your skills and make sh*t happen!!

Now, even though we started this year in a Mercury Retrograde I have major faith in 2017! I am super excited for what we have in store.  Red carpet season, NYFW, Coachella…..I can’t wait to see what new hair color, cut, and style trends will be poppin’! 

Cheers to our team that works so hard to bring to you the latest trends from hairstylists, influencers, celebs, and brands.  I’m so proud of all we accomplished and we’re just getting started!! 

xx, Jen Atkin

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