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Lily Collins Joins the Red Hair Don’t Care Club While in Korea

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“Too many colors in the rainbow to stay the same.” Preach, Lily Collins, preachhhh. ICYMI, the lovely-lob-lady just joined the red hair don’t care club while on a trip to Korea. She flaunted her flaming-hot tresses in a series of Instagram photos containing uber cute-n-clever captions celebrating the change. About a pic of her holding a watermelon at the market, Lily wrote: “Split open this massive Korean watermelon and I bet my hair would fit right in.” Watermelon-hue hair? You know we live for a fun switcheroo with strands.

red hair lily collins red hair red hair color ideas short hairstyles short hair inspiration lob inspo bob inspo

“Shaking things up and living life through rose-tinted locks,” Lily captioned a photo of her standing next to her Lancome ad at the mall. Lily’s life as a redhead sounds lit. Do you think it looks lit? Tell us if you likey or nah, below.

red hair lily collins red hair color ideas short hair ideas short hair inspiration short hairstyles

Must-read for redheads = our Red Hair Care Bible.

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