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LIMITED EDITION: Shop our Mane Addicts ‘Let’s Get Blown’ Sweatshirt Collaboration With Mayfair

Hey Mane Addicts fam, have you seen our  ‘Let’s Get Blown Out’ sweatshirt? Our latest collab with Mayfair is fashion for a great cause… and, it’s limited edition and so fun to style. If there’s one thing the pandemic taught us, it’s that you can never have to many cozy sweatshirts, especially ones in mood boosting colors. Sure, we’re biased – but we think our sweatshirt collaboration with Mayfair will add the perfect spring pop to your wardrobe.

Shop the Limited Edition Mane Addicts x Mayfair Sweatshirt: $85

Jen Atkin Mane Addicts Mane Addicts 'Let's Get Blown' Sweatshirt Collaboration with Mayfair

And not only is this sweatshirt cozy and cute… all of the proceeds – we’re talking 100% – from these sweatshirts go directly to the [email protected] Coalition, a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles. The TLC advocates for Trans [email protected] immigrants living in the US and is focused on improving the quality of life for trans, gender non-conforming, and intersex (TGI) people through access to services and resources. The TLC has grown substantially since it was originally founded in 2015, becoming a nationally recognized organization with representation in 10 different states across the U.S. and providing direct services to TGI individuals in Los Angeles.

The agency strives to empower TGI people in response to structural, institutional, and interpersonal violence that these groups often face. To help further its mission, the organization has secured funding from state and local government sources as well as several private foundations. 

Mane Addicts’ partnership with the TLC came about because of International Women’s Day. Not only are we supporting an organization close to home (we’re based in LA) but we’re bringing awareness to communities that are often unprovided for.

Available from size XS to XXL, the lightweight + slightly oversized sweatshirt is a necessary addition to your WFH wardrobe/anytime lounge attire.


Mane Addicts 'Let's Get Blown' Sweatshirt Collaboration with Mayfair

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