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The Startling Link Between Your Toothbrush and Your Hair Health

Like orange juice and toothpaste, some things just don’t go together. When it comes to hair health and teeth, our first hunch is to think that they don’t vibe. Nevertheless, we’ve polled a pro and made a startling discovery. If you think your teeth brushing habit has nothing to do with healthy locks, you are sorely mistaken. Hair health and healthy teeth go hand in hand.

“Hair health and teeth have a common link,” said our pro Dr. Shaun Flynn, DDS, Burst’s Chief Dental Officer. He offered up some proof and explained, “that correlation is the protein keratin.”

Human hair is mostly made up of the tough protein called keratin. This protein exists both as an external protective layer in the cuticle of the hair and also as a structural ingredient in the inner hair core. It is found naturally in hair strands, skin, and nails, and it gives our locks their structure. This is the reason for its popularity among hair products and treatments. You may have heard of Brazilian blowouts or keratin treatments that promise smooth and shiny hair. For these types of services, a salon will mix keratins with other chemicals and apply the mixture directly to the hair, sealing the protein in with a flat iron. The benefits of infusing additional keratin into your hair are palpable and incredibly noticeable.

Certain types of hair keratin also form teeth enamel. Meaning, if you have a mutation in the keratin in your hair, it will show in your enamel’s health. “Keratin makes up hair and the enamel in teeth,” continues Dr. Flynn. “So, therefore, if a person were to have a hair disorder then that breakdown in keratin can soften the enamel and make teeth more susceptible to decay and infection. It has also been known that this works vice versa. Some research shows tooth infections can lead to hair disorders. So yes there is a correlation,” he affirms.

Our pro isn’t alone, a team of researchers in 2017 uncovered a role for hair keratins in dental enamel structure. They are currently using their findings to lead to strategies for combating tooth decay. A little-known fact is that tooth decay is one of the most prevalent health problems worldwide and this finding rocked pros to the core.

Next time you think of skipping your teeth brushing regimen, fight the temptation and do it for the love of your locks!

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