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Pop Star LIVVIA Shows Off 4 Sweet Date Night Hairstyles

There’s a new pop star in town, and we’re crushing hard 💔.

Meet LIVVIA, the 25-year-old singer songwriter who is on the cusp of taking over your Spotify playlist. The native San Franciscan has been on stage since her teens while still managing to graduate from UC Berkeley with a degree in Economics, but recently embarked on her biggest stage to date: opening for The Jonas Brothers.

We’re clearly not the only ones swooning over this blossoming star–in addition to touring with the Jonas Brothers, LIVVIA co-wrote her hit song “Parachute” with Nick. Her trick for keeping her hair healthy while on tour? A good wash. “Touring is awesome because you can experiment with different looks every night,” LIVVIA tells us, “I wash the hairspray out of my hair every night after the show, and if I’m not performing or at a shoot or something, I let my hair dry naturally and don’t style it at all.”

Although LIVVIA’s signature on-stage style is, in her words, “parted down the middle with two sparkly clips on the sides to frame the face,” she has enviable long dirty blonde locks that are the perfect canvas for styling up a bevy of sweet styles. On set, LIVVA reveals she feels sexiest when her hair is “wavy with lots of shine and volume,” but her main focus is on hair health. “I just learned about Kenra alcohol free shaping spray which I love because apparently the alcohol in most sprays dries out your hair,” she tells us (and she’s not wrong.) “For me it’s all about hair health since I have such fine, delicate hair.” She swears by the George Michael 12 Minute Conditioner along with gentle hair ties that don’t damage her strands. And when asked about her hair icon, she confidently replied, “Romee Strijd for sure!”

Ahead, hairstylist Marissa Marino dolls LIVVIA up in four sweet looks begging for a Valentine’s Day cameo.

Modern Princess

“Fun and a little regal,” is how LIVVIA describes this adorable look. A sparkly oversized headband is the only statement-making accessory needed to jazz up this off-the-shoulder red dress, really letting the hair piece take center stage. Stylist Marissa Marino sprayed a dry shampoo–she recommends WATERL<SS No Residue Dry Shampoo–at the root for texture along with large Velcro rollers on the top and sides to create volume and a T3 Micro 1.25 inch curling iron for pretty waves.

Hair to Wear, Where: “A formal event of some kind that doesn’t require you to take yourself too seriously,” says LIVVIA.

MOD Love

BRB while we get lost in this 60s dream! Or as LIVVIA refers to it, “60s mod creamsicle tweed heaven” – and we couldn’t agree more. Marissa created a deep side part and smoothed the hair to one side with the daintiest heart-shaped barrette. The key to this look? “Brush through ends with a boar bristle brush like Fromm Elite Polisher Boar Bristle Paddle Brush, don’t be scared to do this,” Marissa shares.  

Hair to Wear, Where: “I feel like I want to go to tea but I also want to go dancing at a cool retro themed club of some kind. Or the Pan AM experience,” says LIVVIA.

Futuristic Glam

The first thing that came to mind when LIVVIA saw the finished look? “Twiggy goes to space,” she tells us. This sweet look has all the dolly high fashion vibes with a bit of a futuristic feel while simultaneously paying homage to more retro 60s styling that’s au currant for the season. Nail the look yourself by separating out the front face framing pieces and then create a half pony. Marissa shares her trick for half pony volume–”use a small claw clip underneath to push it up.” A pretty pink ribbon bow and Oribe Superfine Hairspray provide the perfect finishing touches.

Hair to Wear, Where: “A Jonas brothers concert” says LIVVIA.

Rapunzel Barbie

There’s nothing quite like a massively long, thick braid to make you feel like your channeling a Disney princess. More specifically, Rapunzel, who’s really the only person who could possibly rival this insanely gorgeous side braid that Marissa created. This look showcases the scattered accessories trend brilliantly, weaving gorgeous sparkly flower accessories all throughout! To get this gorgeous length, Marissa used clip in Leyla Melani 20 inch extensions.

Hair to Wear, Where: “Disneyland!” exclaims LIVVIA.

Photography | David Higgs Hairstyling | Marissa Marino Styling | Natalie Hoselton Makeup | Melissa Hernandez

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