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Lizzy Jagger’s Little Mermaid Mane Lands Her A Big Beauty Gig

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Moves like Jagger, check. Locks like Jagger, check. Lizzy Jagger’s little mermaid mane just landed her a gig with Redken for the launch of its new Heatcure Professional Service, said to resuscitate less-than-ravishing hair for up to 10 washes.

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The daughter of Rolling Stone’s main man, Mick Jagger, and Jerry Hall, is the newest member of Redken’s squad, which includes the likes of Suki Waterhouse, Soo Joo Park, and Mane University Educator and Redken Celebrity Colorist, Tracey Cunningham. Lizzy, a mega-curly-haired spitting image of her supermodel mom, will also relaunch the brand’s Heat Styling collection.  

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On her hair history, Lizzy told Harper’s Bazaar: “My idea was The Little Mermaid because I always wanted to be her and then I was going to be I love Lucy and every red-haired character that you can imagine.” With that red-hot-chili hair, Lizzy’s making blondes and brunettes look a bit blasé, don’t you think? Not to mention those killer curls have us convinced that curly girls run the world. 

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