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Say Hello to Your New Favorite Hair Jewelry Brand

Hair jewelry is not a new thing—people have literally been adorning their hair with accessories for centuries. However, the hair beads from Goddess by Porsche are just sickening. We are obsessed and are pretty sure you will be too. Keep scrolling to get acquainted with your new favorite loc jewelry brand!

About Goddess by Porsche

Goddess by Porsche was created by Porsche Abraham, a business mentor and influencer from Houston, Texas. She is often seen wearing her own hair jewelry and the gold accessories are popping up on social media. Maybe because they’re unlike anything on the market right now. Not quite cuffs and not quite beads, the jewelry is worn on the ends of braids or locs and makes the wearer’s hair look like it’s dipped in gold. The effect is gorgeous.

Goddess by Porsche Goddess Hair Beads

Goddess Beads are available in two sizes: regular and jumbo. The regular size is available in gold and silver and is best suited for small to medium-sized braids or locs. The jumbo size is available in just gold for now and is perfect for large and jumbo braids or locs. They are light and adjustable—all you need to do is attach them to the end of a braid or loc and then tighten them.

Goddess Hair Beads

$36 at Etsy.com

Goddess hair beads from Goddess by Porsche | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Etsy.com)

Loc Jewelry Hairstyles

Need some inspiration? Check out these gorgeous hairstyles featuring goddess beads.

Braids and Beads

Abraham dresses her braids with her goddess beads mixed with traditional beads, cuffs, and cowrie shells. The results are stunning.

High Ponytail

Another beautiful look from Abraham, the beads are worn at the end of braids styled into an updo that shows off her shaved head.

Short and Sweet

We love accessories that look good on every length! Look how amazing @pureshinaenigans looks wearing the goddess beads on the end of her shorter locs.

The Royal Treatment

@Lyzadora wears her goddess beads on the ends of her braided bangs and the look is everything. She gathered her locs into an updo and wore a neckpiece for a regal look.

Twisted Updo

Here’s another regal look courtesy of @slicelifekay_. He styled his model’s long, beautiful locs into an elaborate updo, using the goddess beads to accentuate the look.

Excessive Accessories

These goddess beads are worn by @shyvonpaul in an updo that makes them look like an effortless extension of her locs.

Just the Tips

How about dressing up a half-cornrowed, half-braided hairstyle with some beads at the end? That’s exactly what @everythingisdrea did and the results are so pretty.

Color Match

Goddess beads and updos remain the undefeated duo. Just look at this style by @_macxrosee. It’s a showstopper.

Pretty Pigtails

Pigtails have never looked this good before. @Astoldbybrittanyd styled her locs by curling the front into bangs and using the loc jewelry on the ends of her two ponytails. Paired with her striking blue hair shade, the jewelry is sure to turn heads.

Golden Goddess

@Westindieray styled her locs with the goddess beads wearing half of her locs up and leaving the rest down. With her glowy makeup, it’s giving golden goddess and we love it.

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