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Why One Attorney Left Her Job to Start Making Wigs for Cancer Patients

jaime wright lolly's locks breast cancer patient wigs breast cancer hair loss high fashion wigs for breast cancer patients
Photo courtesy of Nick & Erin Photography

We’re familiar with a wig’s power to transform looks, but we often overlook the accessory’s ability to transform lives, namely those of breast cancer patients who, with a little help from a wig, recharge their mane’s soul. Not only are stylish wigs hard to come by, but most aren’t even covered by health insurance. Factor in the very limited selection of wigs which hardly mimic patients’ pre-cancer locks, and it’s clear to see that the wig search process for adults suffering from cancer is no walk in the park. Having witnessed her mother Lolly’s similar struggle, Jaime Wright left her job as an attorney to start Lolly’s Locks, a nonprofit organization that provides customized, fashionable wigs to adult cancer patients at no cost.

lolly's locks wig breast cancer patient wigs breast cancer hair loss solutions jaime wright
Photo courtesy of Lollyslocks.org

Lolly’s Locks is Jaime’s family’s mission to empower cancer patients through wigs they can feel themselves in, a sensation Lolly sought to revive before losing the battle against breast cancer. Ever since her mother’s passing and the inception of Lolly’s Locks in 2012, Jaime runs the organization’s day-to-day, helping patients emerge from a struggle she witnessed firsthand with her mother. “The loss of control that would come with not having her hair and looking like she was going through chemotherapy was a really big thing for her. She didn’t want the conversation to be about being sick and she didn’t want pity eyes for it, either,” Jaime recalls.

The nonprofit helps match patients with a vendor from one of their curated selection of wig vendors throughout the country. Recipients share inspiration photos and head measurements in a remote process that results in a fully customized cut and colored wig. To date, Lolly’s Locks has reached patients in 47 states and Washington D.C.

lolly's locks fundraiser irina shabayeva breast cancer patient wigs fashionable wigs for breast cancer patients wigs jaime wrightIn an effort to highlight wigs from their vendors, the organization holds bi-annual events in New York and Washington D.C. Recently, Lolly’s raised awareness at its gala charity fundraiser, NYC Night of Fashion. There, fashionable wigs from one of its vendors, Shevy Wigs, were chic counterparts to couture designer and Project Runway winner Irina Shabayeva’s collection. Jaime tell us, “When people hear the word wig, they don’t understand that what we’re talking about isn’t a Halloween wig or your grandma’s wig—it’s a wig that looks like you.” Ahead, prime examples of the seemingly flawless wigs Jaime and her family strive to put their recipients in touch with every day.  

lolly's locks fundraiser irina shabayeva

Visit Lolly’s Locks to learn more about finding the perf wig for you or a loved one.

High-fashion photos courtesy of Charles Farrah Photography

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