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London Fashion Week Spring 2022 Hair Trends | Our Full Report

When it comes to trend setting, London Fashion Week always brings an eclectic array of eccentric styles and eclectic accessories.

And London Fashion Week Spring 2022 hair, and much-anticipated collections, certainly lived up to that reputation. London’s leading creative minds pulled out all the stops for this post-quarantine extravaganza. From Victorian-inspired hats to rouched bonnets, headwear had a moment on many a runway this past week. Romantic curls and loose low buns also took center stage, setting an effortless but purposeful tone for the season.

See everything you need to know on London Fashion Week Spring 2022 hair trends and the styles to bookmark for next season – or even now if you choose!

1. Victorian Hats

19th century headwear is probably the last thing we expected to make a runway resurgence. But, honestly, we’re happy it did. Paul & Joe’s chin-tied, wide-brimmed accessories are simply stunning.

Victorian Hats London Fashion Week Spring 2022 Hair Trends | Mane Addicts
Via Getty

2. Romantic Curls

Yuhan Wang took curls to the next level at last week’s fashion event, pairing partially pinned coils with loosely waved locks for an unparalleled romantic silhouette.

Romantic Curls London Fashion Week Spring 2022 Hair Trends | Mane Addicts
Via Getty

3. Low Chignon

Loose low chignons permeated Erdem’s Spring/Summer 2022 show. These simple and subtle styles almost resemble a faux bob – an effortless aesthetic we’ll definitely see more of.

Low Chignon London Fashion Week Spring 2022 Hair Trends | Mane Addicts
Via Getty

4. Stylized Flyaways

Move over fringe: 2021 is about flyways. OSMAN opted for gently manicured flyways on it’s LFW runway. This look left us speechless.

Stylized Flyaways | Mane Addicts
Via Getty

5. Retro Hair Scarves

Matching silks and chiffon accessories center stage at Bora Aksu’s Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2022 fashion show. This simple accent adds a retro topper to a ladylike ensemble.

Retro Hair Scarves | Mane Addicts
Via Getty

6. Tactile Top Knot

This multi-textured top knot at Nensi Dojaka is to die for. Super sleek strands are the perfect compliment to these dry, undone ends.

Tactile Top Knot | Mane Addicts
Via Getty

7. Rouched Bonnet

Headwear was having a moment at LFW, to say the least. Richard Malone’s rouched bonnets are the ultimate statement accessory.

Rouched Bonnet | Mane Addicts
Via Getty

No shortage of street style at NYFW. We’re stealing THESE looks asap.

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