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The Top 5 Mane Moments from London Fashion Week


Without a doubt, my fash week fave! Jewel-bright puff ball wigs each matched to it’s corresponding outfit, created by hairstylist Ali Pirzadeh.

Ashish Rainbow Afros

We saw the expected mix of glitter and sequins this season from Ashish, this time with a tassel to match, and an irredescent swirl, on a simple stock of wardrobe essentials.

During the show I heard mutterings about an appropriation of afro hair, but for me, this is just fun. I’ll take one in every colour!


Gareth Pugh London Fashion Week Rockabilly Hair

If Hanibal Lecter had been a female rockabilly, you can guess that this is how she’d be doing her hair.

A real ‘look’ from Gareth Pugh here, at the hands of famed session stylist Malcolm Edwards.

Gareth Pugh London Fashion Week Rockabilly Hair

His “Fierce Bitch from the 50’s” look, as he called it backstage, added the perfect twist to a run of best of British tailoring, on a palette of black and nude with an Electric blue surge, and blindingly white stars. Heavenly.


A collection covered in stars and hearts, Katrantzou classic heavy patterns and Babushka vibes were the direct reference for hairstylist Duffy, who keyed the Mary Katrantzou show. Using strong gel to coax bangs into the top of a 5 point star.

This look will be easy to achieve at home, and I think will go on to inspire all kinds of gelled fringes, a big step up from last year’s ‘baby hair’ trend, watch this space and expect to see more!


Charlotte Olympia Sam McKnight Brushed Waves

Over at the Roundhouse, we had a swift mix of 50’s glamour with 70’s volume for the opening day of LFW. Charlotte Olympia’s collection of shoes, eyewear and bags had it’s usual luxe feeling matched by session stylist legend Sam Mcknight. Nods to film noir and Andy Warhol starlets were styled into unique creations for each girl (my favourite thing for fashion shows), such luxury as to customize the hair vision to each girls face and frame.

Charlotte Olympia French Hat Hair Sam McKnight

This is a modern take on classic hair – the curl gives it a retro feel and the backcombing lends it that 70s something.” – Eamonn Hughes, Creative Director of the Sam McKnight team.


Another take on the teddyboy here at Sibling, floppy french pleats, messibly tonged and gelled hair bounced along the catwalk.

Mark Hampton and his Toni & Guy team individually texturized and touseled each fringe to give it a custom, undone look.

Sibling Hair LFW bangs

The clothes took inspiration from Basquiat and Grace Jones, Jaquards and knitted lace, in a lilac, lemon curd and blue hues deconstructed into effortless cool.

This echoed into the hair, Efforless cool. Badass, one might say.

What was your fav LFW #manemoment? Sound off in the comments below!

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