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LONDON: Hari’s Salon

Hari’s is London’s hair hotspot, with three locations on Parsons Green, Brompton Road, and Kings Road. With an impressive amount of loyal press who cite the salon regularly, Hari’s is known for their talented stylists and colorist and is named by Harper’s Bazaar as “the best blow dry bar in London.” The majority of the stylists have been with the company for over fifteen years, due to Hari’s philosophy of developing and nurturing raw talent. In addition to their typical salon services they also offer an outstanding wedding team. According to Vogue, “Haris Salon is the go to for the very highest standards.” With over 40 years as one of Londons most famous salons, the Hari’s company continues to grow.

“At Hari’s you are the most important client.” -Tatler

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