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LONDON: Top 5 Hair Hotspots

London's Top 5 Salons

London is my city, It’s where I trained and became a hairdresser, it’s where I transitioned into a session stylist, and it’s where my heart is.  Though I may spend much of my year in LA now, London will always be home. It’s also home to some of the greatest hairdressers in the world. Here is my insight into what I think is the best London has to offer when it comes to hair; styling, cutting, colouring, or just pampering. My top 5!


John Frieda is at the top of my list. Although it was Frizz Ease that arguably made him famous, it’s his salons that justify his reputation as a leading hairdresser. It’s my number one favourite salon. I’ve managed to squeeze in a couple of visits during trips to London, and it’s an effortless and completely perfect salon experience every time. It’s also home to Nicola Clarke, who is, in my opinion, the greatest colourist who ever lived. Classic, and elegantly chic.



Soft, organic textures are on the menu at WAM, headed up by salon luminary Paul Windle, and top of the chart session stylist Neil Moodie The Sassoon/Bumble&Bumble background provides a solid base for a now legendary salon with a fashion ethos. Notoriously great for curls. 


The home of Vidal! I always tell my clients if they’re traveling and in need of a good haircut, you can’t go wrong at Sassoon. Their precision-trained stylists deliver precision haircuts every time. With three London Sassoon salons – and a dedicated men’s salon in the city – you really have no excuse.



Knife sharp design and an uncomplicated cool make this very much a salon for those that don’t like salons. It’s also the home salon for many session stylists when they’re not on set, including Anna Cofone, who’s responsible for making Lana Del Rey the hair hero she’s become today.

Another top pick when it comes to colour, Josh Wood’s background leaves you in very safe hands when upkeeping your hair hues.


I don’t think I can write a list of London’s best salons without including Bleach, a salon that has changed the heads of a generation. This is certainly the place to pop to when you want something radical. Evoking the punk pedigree of Keith Wainwright’s 1970s Smile salon, the brights, pastels and neons, are used innovatively, keeping this salon at the forefront of East London trend. 

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