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MANESPIRATION: Long Hair, Don’t Care

Taylor Hill Long Messy Blunt Hair

There is just something about long hair; somewhat of a romance you could say. Decade after decade long hair has continued to be coveted, with celebrities and socialites flocking to the nearest extension specialist to fake ultra long strands. Whether it’s bone straight or tousled to perfection, long hair is always in demand. 

Achieving and maintaining those long locks is another story. A long mane needs extra love and care to look it’s best. Frequent trims and a good hair care regimen is essential when it comes to taking care of your Rapunzel like tresses. See your stylist for regular trims every six weeks to prevent split ends from turning into breakage. Minimize heat styling to no more than three days a week to keep your mane long and healthy. Conditioning the ends will also add beneficial elements to your hair’s overall appearance.

Leonor Greyl

For the luxury seeker, Leonor Greyl’s L’Huile De Leonor Greyl is an amazing pre-shampoo treatment and color protector that will leave your long locks conditioned and protected. An alternative and savvy choice would be to use organic coconut oil, simply apply as an overnight treatment followed by shampoo and conditioner the next morning.

There is a mermaid in all of us with long hair cascading over our shoulders itching to be brought out. While not impossible, it is a commitment. If you’re in a rush for longer strands, be sure to check out our recipe for hair growth or look into extensions for instant gratification!

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