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Rapunzel Length Hair Is Totally a Thing

This year has proven there’s no such thing as hair that’s too long or too blond, so we’re not surprised that the most on-trend Disney princess is Rapunzel. After thousands of hashtags referencing the fictional mane maven, stylist Tina Outen took the look to new lengths on the Philipp Plein SS18 runway. Using literally packs of hair that she braided down to the model’s ankles, more was more at NYFW. Thanks to Tina and braiders around the world, Rapunzel hair has officially landed, and we couldn’t be more eager to let down our hair.

Rapunzel Hair

(image via Instagram)


The most obvious takeaway from this look is that if your muse is Rapunzel, you’re going to need a lot of hair. “Each of the models had seven packs of Kankelon Braiding hair,” explains Tina. To get the style, Tina fed the braiding hair gradually into ankle-length double French braids, that she joined at the center, “to form the one whip-like braid,” she describes. The central braid was then wrapped with 14 smaller braids in order to create what Tina calls a “caged braid,” again to exaggerate the overall whip-like appearance of the hair.

Rapunzel Hair Rapunzel Hair

(images via Hazel Hurley)

The Rapunzel look wasn’t just inspired by the Disney princess. “Phillipp Plein sent me images of the collection and a brief of ‘Bondage Cinderella, an S&M fairytale,’” says Tina, who says the story was a “good girl gone bad” scenario. Tina artfully interpreted the S&M concept to an idea she felt was more empowering to women. Instead of creating a style with men in mind, Tina gave the girls a hairstyle “that became a whip for them—to whip their men into shape,” she says, adding that she didn’t want to create a hairstyle that was “so severe and harsh that girls were humiliated by it.” The style was further softened by the Rapunzel length of the braid and the Disney colored flowers, “this really merged the two concepts together,” she explains. Her runway highlight was definitely watching Adriana Lima stomp down the catwalk, whipping her braid around. “To see the hair become an interactive part of the show is the ultimate aspiration for a session stylist,” she says.


Rapunzel Hair

(image via mycocobeauty.com)

Kanekalon braiding hair

Rapunzel Hair

L’Oréal Professional Elnett Hairspray

(image via lorealprofessionnel.co.uk)

To get this look, gather your girl squad. “It’s defo a girls night out look that’s starts with a bedroom full of friends and a bottle of wine!’ Tina explains, adding, “You’ll need a glass in you to handle to weight of this braid before you even get out the door!”

Before heading to the liquor store, stop by your local beauty supply and pick up synthetic mix hair, which is way more affordable than its real, virgin hair counterpart. Tina suggests starting off with two packets—you need to be an expert braider before you work your way up to seven.

Once you have your hair (and your wine), get your friend to start French-braiding on one side, to halfway down the back of your head—then begin to add in pinches of the extensions. Make a loop in the middle, threading strands of your own hair through it. “Keep braiding using the extensions and your own hair,” she explains. Repeat on the other side of your head, joining at the nape of the neck–and in another piece so you have three in total. Braid these together until you have a single braid.“If you want it to be longer just loop more hair in until it’s as thick or as long as you want it!” she says of the customizable look. Take a few more pinches of the extension hair, braiding and wrapping around the tail—cross them over and pin to the ends in to the braid. “Pull them really tight so the braid bubbles,” she adds.

A post shared by Tina Outen (@tinadidit) on Sep 11, 2017 at 8:56am PDT

Tina used artificial flowers on the runway, but you can really play around here to totally change up the look. “If you want to be a goth girl, use black flowers,” say Tina. “If you want to bring the cute Disney vibe, add colored ones,” she adds. The flowers she used on the runway come on wire, so you can easily twist into the braid securely.

A post shared by Philipp Plein (@philippplein78) on Oct 19, 2017 at 4:09am PDT

We all want to be Rapunzel, but make sure you can handle her weight. “This braid will likely be heavy,” Tina warns us. To avoid braiding more than is comfortable, check the weight as you go and make sure it feels right and won’t spoil your night out. The most important thing to remember when rocking such an extreme style is to have fun with it. “It’s the ultimate tease for the boys, to see a girl playing around with her hair,” says Tina. “You just may snag yourself a hot boy, if you flick the braid around like a whip, like Adriana!” Here’s hoping!

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