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Long Story Short


Long hair and layers go together like a Chanel bag and Jimmy Choo’s.  However, far too often the client to stylist communication goes severely wrong.  Here is our #takewithyou guide on how to successfully ask for the haircut you’re wanting.

What you want: Long Layers

What not to say:  Remember the phrase tomato tomato?  Yeah, it doesn’t apply here.  All layering terms are not created equal, so simply stating “I want layers” is a no-no.  This could mean a multitude of lengths depending on the stylist and sadly could result in your first bad haircut since the 4th grade.

What to say:  You want Victoria’s Secret model hair with long layers that melt together seamlessly; keywords LONG and SEAMLESS.  Emphasize on keeping your shortest layer in and around your shoulders.  Also, take note that hairdressers are beauty artists so bring photos and use descriptive words (i.e. blended, movement, and flow) that create a visualized picture for him/her to vibe off of.

Products this haircut will love.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: Gives life by adding the perfect amount of grit and volume.

R+Co Mannequin Styling Paste:  Made for long hair and has a creamier texture, making it easier to apply.

2 minutes

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