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HOW-TO: Curly Hair by Ryan Richman featuring Lorde


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When we first saw the images of Lorde from V Magazine, we had major curl envy. What we noticed was that she stayed true to her naturally curly mane, but that her hair was just different enough form the curls we are used to seeing on her; and somehow they looked so much more polished. We were eager to hear from celebrity stylist Ryan Richman about how he created this style on Lorde and what other tips he has for naturally curly girls. See what he had to say below.

“Working with a client’s natural curl can be a blast! Curly hair can be unpredictable and the key to styling it is to control the curl. Don’t let the curl control you! Working with the right products is key.”


1. “The first step, shampoo. My personal favorite is DevaCurl No-Poo. A no-lather conditioning cleanser that’s perfect for healthy, bouncy curls.

2. On damp hair apply a generous amount of curl creme. KMS California Curl Up Control Creme adds lasting separation, shine, and a frizz-free finish.

3. Using a wide tooth comb, comb through the hair to separate the curls into their natural falling position and set your desired part. Scrunch the hair using your hands.

Tip:  For more control over your style, starting at the nape, twist small sections of wet hair around your finger to define individual curls.  Continue this process working upwards toward the crown until all the hair has been twisted.

4. Dry hair using a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer.  To eliminate frizz, keep your hands out of the hair and use just the diffuser attachment as needed to control and scrunch the hair as you dry.  For added volume, flip your head upside down while drying.

5. I always like to set the hair perfectly and then go through and play with the texture.  To do this, go back through your style using a 1″ curling wand and wrap curls around the barrel.  After the hair has cooled, using your fingers begin breaking apart random curls throughout your style until you achieve the desired look.

6. To finish, use a humidity resistant hair spray such as Matrix Biolage Freeze Fix Anti-Humidity Hairspray to lock in your style while leaving the hair soft and frizz free.”

Don’t forget to follow Ryan on Instagram for more #manespiration.

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