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This Hair Oil Made My Color-Damaged Ends Silky Soft

For what feels like an eternity, I struggled to find a hair oil that didn’t break me out, or turn my strands into a greasy glob of gunk. The struggle was real, but guuurl,  it’s over for good, because into my life glided L’Oréal Mythic Hair Oil, a luxurious nourishing hair oil that bucked my brittle ends and bore baby-soft, shiny hair.

I try to keep my curls on an air-dry diet throughout the year, but those times I’m itching for S-waves from my flat iron, this liquid silk (perfect for all hair types) shields my color-processed ‘do from heat damage and infuses them with mega moisture. On my first rodeo with the hair oil, I distributed one pump throughout my mid-lengths to ends before heat styling each 2-inch section of hair.

Loreal Professional Mythic Oil Nourishing Oil mane addicts review

When I finished styling, my hair smelled SO amazing (it’s subtle enough to swoon over but strong enough to replace your perfume for the night). Primping my hair to peachy-keen perfection wouldn’t be complete without a healthy, radiant glow, and that’s just what the Mythic Hair Oil gave it. Plushy and airy, my mane was too touchable that day, and that tricked my mind into thinking my ends weren’t just dry as the desert a few hours earlier (must’ve been the avocado and grape seed oil). But who would’ve known how well this stuff works? On Ulta, it only has three reviews (all positive). According to the product description, Mythic Oil should be used as a detangler or after a blow-dry, but I’ve been using it on my strands before applying heat and it’s worked wonders. Yes, it costs $40 but before you freak about your bank account’s lifeline, just know—your hair will never feel as replenished as it does when Mythic Oil makes its magical mark.



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