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Four LA Barber Shops Perfect for Father’s Day

Getting a gift for the men in your life isn’t always easy, and with Father’s Day only one day away, it’s hard to think of the perfect way to spend the day. Well all men enjoy a proper grooming (whether or not they admit it). And taking your dad in for a chic LA barber experience is the perfect way to let him relax and feel great with a shave and haircut. We’ve scoured the city to bring you the 4 busiest, trendiest, and top notch barber shops worthy of dad’s approval.



baxter finley

Located on La Cienega, Baxter Finley is a West Hollywood staple, perfect for high quality cuts, shaves, and signature products. With on point vintage decor and a clean classic style, this barber shop will deliver the ultimate old school barber experience.



proper barber shop

Created by Vinnie Morey, Proper is a safe haven for men to enjoy being men. Expect to drink a beer or play X-Box while getting your haircut without sacrificing quality- Vinnie was trained at Vidal Sassoon and has been featured in Allure Magazine, at LA and NY fashion week, and Wella Trend Vision ’08.



sweeney todd's barber shop

Well versed in the art of straight razor shaves, long disheveled styles, and clipper cuts, Sweeney Todd’s is a shop that boasts excellency in trade. With Mad Men style decor, expect to watch a vintage stag movie over an actual projector (if you’re lucky!).



legends barber shop

If you’re looking for a high and tight fade, a crazy shaved design, or a clean old school cut, Legends is the place for you. With good music blasting and a small family vibe, Legends Barber Shop is a unique gem in the heart of Fairfax.



Do you have a favorite LA barbershop? Let us know in the comments!

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