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LOS ANGELES: Meche Salon

The word ‘meche’ appropriately comes from the french word for ‘a highlight’ or ‘lock of hair,’ and we don’t know if there is a more beautiful salon in Beverly Hills. Getting your hair done at Meche is a completely different salon experience. The space is spacious and beautiful, crafted with rustic woods and modern furniture, inviting the warm feel of your favorite coffee shop. “The environment we’ve created at Meche is a comfortable carefree one…we want the experience to be fun for everyone,” remarks co-owner Tracey Cunningham, one of the most sought after hair colorists in the world, and whose work graces the cover of nearly every magazine on the stands.

Conveniently located on Burton Way, Meche is the brainchild of both celebrity hair colorist Tracey Cunningham and Neil Weiss. “Neil and I are old friends – and our strengths are complementary,” remarked Tracey, “when it comes to running a salon, we make a perfect team.”

We suggest Meche for both cut and colors. Expect precision, attention to detail, and to make friends with your neighbors!

2 minutes

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