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Los Angeles Hair Salon City Guide: Striiike Salon

striiike salon beverly hills

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Striiike Salon is a beautifully curated space that evokes a modern, minimalistic approach to ambiance (think Abbot Kinney). Sister trio Jenn, Kristie and Ashley Streicher have each made their mark in the beauty industry with their distinct and highly recognized beauty expertise. Jenn Streicher is a talented celebrity makeup artist, Ashley is a sought-after hairstylist, and Kristie is an Eyebrow expert known for her Feathered Brow approach.  STRIIIKE is where consumers can experience the magic of the Streicher Sisters under one roof. This is Kristie’s home base for her brow team and where Jenn and Ashley can now see clients for makeup and hair (up until now Jenn and Ashley have only worked through their agency on red carpet, editorial, and freelance type work).

striiike salon los angeles

Be sure to check out Striiike as the one stop shop for all your beauty needs!


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