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9 Low-Maintenance Shades to Wow Your Classmates on (or Off) Zoom

August is almost up, and that means school is in session. Whether you’re attending in-person classes or watching lectures via Zoom, you’ll no doubt need a fresh autumn shade to show off on the first day. In our humble opinion, a low-maintenance upgrade is definitely the way to go. Low maintenance doesn’t necessarily mean low key. A quick color refresh can make a big impact. Check out nine low-maintenance hair colors for school below!

1. Deep Chocolate

Addison Rae isn’t messing around with this deep brunette shade. Just a smidge lighter than an espresso tone, we’re loving this multi-dimensional hue. A dark shade sans highlights is an excellent option for fall.


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2. Balayage Curls

Looking to keep it light for your first few months of class? Go for a striking but simple balayage on those curls. This aesthetic is easier to maintain than all-over highlights or a super-bright blonde.


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3. Root-Bearing Red

This might be a (red) hot take, but this fire shade can totally work with limited salon visits. This all-over hue might require a long initial appointment. But with an inch of visible roots, this hot red is grow-out approved.

4. Deep Brunette Fade

Another stellar shade for those with darker strands. Let your natural near-black shade fade into a warmer chocolate color a la Shay Mitchell. This subtle transition will stun your classmates without all of the fuss and feathers.


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5. Platinum Ends

Can’t let go of summer? No need to tone down your entire ‘do with this banging blonde hue. Take your base color down to a more natural shade but leave the ends bright and bubbly for a lived-in look that’s autumn-approved.


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6. Taupe Accents

Money piece highlights were all the rage this past summer. But these standout strands will be a bit harder to maintain once classes are underway. Tone it down to taupe for a much more low key take on this retro trend.


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7. Light Chocolate

Kylie Jenner’s bronde was a big summer mood. But her new chocolate strands are taking us straight into fall. This beautiful warm brunette has everything we’re looking for in a back-to-school hue.


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8. Copper

This one is for all the redheads heading back to class this fall. We’re channelling all things autumn with copper colors this season. Washout-ready and totally chic, low key copper tones are the ideal alternative to high-maintenance ginger shades.

9. Dreamy Beige

Rework your summer blonde into a dreamy beige. A few expertly placed lowlights is all you need to take your seasonal lightness down to a fall-centric aesthetic.


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