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This Is Easily the Best Haircut for Low-Maintenance Girls

Just because you aren’t the kind of girl that likes to spend a ton of time on your hair every day (or ever), doesn’t mean you can’t have It-girl-looking locks. The key? The right low-maintenance haircut. We asked two big-time stylists what cuts they suggest for low-maintenance girls and here’s what they had to say.

Long Bob Haircut

First, from Rishi Jokhoo, a stylist at David Mallet Salon in Paris where effortless is basically a way of life, he said, “try to avoid haircuts with lots of layers. The more layered the haircut, the more time you will need in the morning to style it. For a client who wants a great easy, get-up-and-go haircut, I like to use very subtle layers when cutting to give it a little movement and volume. The aim for me is to break the strong line and to make sure the hair isn’t too heavy.”

He shares that “a long bob is really the best low-maintenance haircut to last in between appointments (if it’s cut well),” he continued. “You can get up in the morning, wash, spray in some salt spray, and let it dry on the way to work. Use a little volume powder on the roots and ends later in the day to give a little bounce.”

Ready-to-Wear Haircut

And, from Kevin Murphy, the founder of Kevin Murphy Hair, “ask your stylist for a ready-to-wear cut that is as unique and personal as your hair texture is. The best is a low-maintenance haircut that flatters your features and draws attention to your best features. Explain to your stylist that you want to be able to air dry your hair. A great stylist will know how to work your texture for low-maintenance hair. But, great natural-looking hair always comes down to your product choices. It all starts with the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type, and then the texture may need to be enhanced or controlled by finishing products.”

To sum it up, ask for minimal layers, movement, and a cut that air drys to highlight your best features. You’ll spend less time styling and more time taking selfies.

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