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Is It Possible to be Platinum Blonde and Low-Maintenance? Apparently Yes

Okay, we know what you’re thinking, low-maintenance platinum seems like an oxymoron. If you go this blonde you’ll be in the salon every two weeks. And while that’s not such a bad thing, it’s the opposite of low-maintenance, and this article isn’t fooling anyone. Well, trust us, because you really can have the best of both worlds. It’s possible to channel your inner snow queen without fighting all that low key energy. Get acquainted with the low-maintenance platinum hair color below!

Person with low-maintenance platinum hair color | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Unsplash / Sharon McCutcheon)

About the Expert

Jamie Mazzei is the creative director for NuBest Salon & Spa in Manhasset, New York. Mazzei is also an ambassador for No Fade Fresh and boasts over 25 years of experience in the hair industry.

What Is Low-Maintenance Platinum?

According to Jamie Mazzei, creative director for NuBest Salon & Spa in Manhasset, NY, the key to achieving this cool girl tone is not forcing one-color perfection. It’s okay to let it grow. “Low-maintenance platinum is achieved by leaving the root area natural and creating platinum on the mid-lengths and ends,” Mazzei says. “This is low-maintenance due to the fact that the roots are still your natural shade making the grow out and retouch much easier and less often,” he adds.

How to Get Low-Maintenance Platinum

You’re still going platinum, so get that butt to a salon and do not try this at home. Mazzei reassures us that your stylist will know what you’re talking about when you ask for a low-maintenance platinum blonde hair color. “For this look, you can ask for low-maintenance blonde or to maintain a natural root. Most colorists will understand what you are looking for. That said, a picture of what you are looking for is always best,” he continues.

“When going platinum, the best tool is typically bleach. This is because to achieve platinum the hair needs to be lifted to pale yellow or the color of the inside of a banana peel. Even for natural blondes, this is best achieved with bleach,” Mazzei shares. To keep up the color Jamie recommends all of his clients use a color-depositing shampoo and conditioner at home to stop hair color from fading.

“This is especially important with low-maintenance platinum because you will not be in the salon as often to have your color touched up. I recommend No Fade Fresh Color-depositing Shampoo and Color-depositing Conditioner in Icy Silver Platinum, which is the perfect pairing for low-maintenance platinum.  It will keep your hair the perfect platinum tone just by washing and conditioning with it in the shower daily for two to five minutes. It will also keep the brassiness away, which is the most common complaint with going platinum. No Fade Fresh is also plant-based, vegan, and damage-free so you can feel great about that too. Finally, it will extend the time between your hair color appointments at the salon and save you money.”

How to Care for Low-Maintenance Platinum

Whenever someone is coloring their hair, conditioning becomes very important as hair tends to become dry. Use a product that will add back in the moisture and strengthen the broken bonds from the bleaching process like No Fade Fresh BondHeal which not only moisturizes hair, it also strengthens and repairs the hydrogen bonds in the hair typically damaged during the color process from the inside out, removing dryness and correcting damage. Regular trims are also important to keep the hair healthy. A satin pillowcase will cut down on the stress and friction on your platinum hair and as an added bonus, it is also great for your face.”

Best Low-Maintenance Platinum Hair Colors

1. Silver Fox

Add a smidge of silver to pre-lightened blonde to achieve this silver fox hair color. Though it’s nearly as platinum as they come, it’s also relatively low-maintenance.

2. Almost Ombré

This almost ombré hair color allows the platinum to seamlessly blend into your roots as it lightens at the ends. Plus, ombré is always in style.

3. Overgrown Ice Princess

A combination of babylights, hand-painting, shadow roots, and color melt, this blended low-maintenance platinum hair color will last you two months.

4. Dark to Light

We love a prominent root with lighter ends. And that’s really the best part about this hair color, there’s no need to shy away form showing off your dark roots.

5. Lived-In Platinum

For a platinum that’s a little more lived-in and natural, opt for this rooted hair color.

6. Overgrown Platinum

Let that platinum grow out to creat this high-contrast hair color.

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