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HOW-TO: ‘The Low Pony’ Khloe with a K x Mane Addicts Date Night Hair

Ouai Haircare, launched by the hair world’s heaviest hitter, Jen Atkin, was recently introduced to the world and there’s only one Ouai to express our excitement about it—to announce that we’ve teamed up with Khloe Kardashian for a new series called #OuaiAddicted” on the glam section of her app and website, Khloe with a K. Mane Addicts’ Editorial Director, Justine Marjan, and Mane Addicts’ Art Director, Desirae Cherie curated a series of looks and simple step-by-steps for the collaboration. To kick off the series, mane mavens Justine and Desirae taught lifestyle blogger and founder of Michelle Take Aim, Michelle, how to create a date night-worthy hairstyle similar to the one that Cesar Ramirez created for Khloe during her book tour in New York. Scroll ahead now to get the look, then watch the video to see Jen herself break down the darling ‘do!

Previously published on Khloe with a K.

“There’s no one I trust more than my mane girl Jen Atkin to get my hair on point! She held my hand when I cut all my hair off (if I’m being honest, she was really the one who pressured me to do it) so you know she’s influential as hell.” –Khloe Kardashian

Ouai Haircare

Jen just launched a brand new hair care line called OUAI and I’m already obsessed. The products are amazing and the packaging is minimal and and chic just like this date night look Jen broke down for you below!” –Khloe Kardashian



Khloe with a K x Ouai


Apply a hair balm like R+Co Park Avenue Blow Out Balm to damp hair.


Khloe with a K x Ouai


Create a precise center part using a rat tail comb.


Khloe with a K x Ouai


Use an Ibiza brush to blowdry your hair, directing the nozzle towards the ends of your hair for a sleek finish.


Khloe with a K x Ouai


When strands are dry, apply Aveda Smoothing Fluid Lotion throughout.


Khloe with a K x Ouai


Flat iron the hair with a GHD flat iron.


Khloe with a K x Ouai


Use OUAI hair oil at the roots and then comb hair back into a low pony.


Khloe with a K x OuaiSTEP 7

Apply Kardashian Beauty Hair Spray all over and the brush through, working the hair into a low pony.


Khloe with a K x Ouai


Spray a toothbrush with hairspray to tame any leftover flyaways.


Khloe with a K x Ouai


Add a decorative hair elastic and contrasting bobby pins to finish the ponytail!




Stay tuned to Khloe with a K and Mane Addicts for more!

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