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Here’s Why You Should Cut Your Hair on the New Moon

Lunar cycles can be a complex concept to understand. It doesn’t help that its effects are often misunderstood. This is the type of theory that makes us mere mortals dizzy with facts. If you aren’t endowed in cosmic studies, fear not. We’ve recruited hairstylist Mischelle Navar, who happens to be a pro when it comes to lunar cycles. She breaks down for us if lunar cycles can affect hair growth and why you should cut your hair during the new moon.

(via Nathan Katsuki)

Mischelle starts by explaining that a lunar cycle is “the moon’s continuous orbit around the earth with different phases.” For the uninitiated, the moon has phases because it’s constantly going around the earth, aka orbiting our planet. Every time the sun sets our hardworking moon rises. It positions itself with the side of the faces of Earth fully exposed to sunlight. According to our pro, a new moon means the beginning of another 28-day cycle. The new moon is symbolic of new beginnings, renewed goals, and new intentions.

Our pro believes that lunar cycles absolutely affect hair growth. “Through my experience, I’ve recommended [taking advantage of lunar cycles] to clients for years and have seen the benefits firsthand. It’s almost like pruning a plant, dusting your ends during this phase of the moon promotes hair growth and length,” she says. Mischelle continues, “I’ve had clients whose hair wouldn’t really grow much at all. I put them on this schedule. To their surprise, they came back weeks later with more growth than they’ve had in a long time. I believe the moon affects us in many ways and using its cycles to our advantage during certain phases can enhance what you are trying to achieve,” she advises. If you are looking for fullness, she recommends getting your hair cut during a full moon in order to increase thickness. She believes cutting hair during a new moon promotes and stimulates growth and length.

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