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6 Lunar New Year Hairstyles We Love

Happy Lunar New Year! February 1st marks the start of a weeks-long celebration in many Asian communities around the world as the lunisolar calendar ushers in the Year of the Tiger. Nearly two billion people will come together to celebrate this holiday, practicing centuries-old traditions centered around good fortune and prosperity. In honor of this year’s impending festivities, we’re rounding up 6 lunar new year looks we love below!

1. Sleek Ponytail

Pretty much nothing compares to the sleek pony. Functional but festive, this stunning style is a staple when it comes to any celebration – including 2022’s Lunar New Year.

2. Double Buns

Double buns are always approved for a new year celebration. Whether you wear them at the nape of the neck or higher up on your head, this cute updo is certainly celebratory.

3. Low Pony

Middle parted low ponies pair are ultra-versatile, pairing well with any accessory. Especially something as gorgeous as this traditional embellished gold headpiece.


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4. Bubble Braids

This year’s trendy bubble braids are perfect for a Lunar New Year celebration. Dress them up with decorative ties to add a little something extra to this aesthetic.


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5. High Shine Strands

Honestly, we want to wear this look every single day. High shine, ultra-sleek strands are an understated but eye-catching addition to any Lunar New Year look.


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6. Classic Chignon

If you’re looking for something timeless rather than trendy, a smooth chignon is right on point. This expertly-crafted take on the classic ‘do is a must.

Forget curtain bangs, 2022 is all about bottleneck bangs.

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