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This Rechargable Straightener Has Completely Changed My Commute

Loathing traffic is part of being an Angeleno. As the city with the most traffic in the world, we spend over 100 hours each year in our cars. I’ve commuted for as long as I can remember and I’ve hated every second of it. I tried every Angeleno trick to make time go by faster: audiobooks, podcasts, calling people in other time zones, you name it. I’ve even tried driving meditation. Spoiler alert: the crazy honking from my commuter neighbors didn’t have quite the zen effect I had hoped to achieve.  I had given up on trying to make my commute productive until I heard about this genius invention: Lunata. A rechargeable straightener that can do its job for up to 45 minutes on one charge.


(via Lunata)

The invention quickly became my carpool buddy when I realized I could use red lights and stopped traffic to straighten my hair. Instead of cringing when the lights hit red, I now used those minutes to run the tool through my dry hair. The titanium plates give my naturally wavy hair a perfectly smooth texture.


(via Lunata)

There are no cords on this puppy so it’s easy to pack into my computer bag. Consequently, I charge both my laptop and straightener together now as a habit. Lunata requires 2-3 hours of charge to go to town on your hair for 45 minutes. Another plus is that it has dual voltage should I ever seek to escape my Los Angeles traffic nightmare and opt for an international adventure.

Doing my hair in the car allows me to leave my house a few minutes earlier than I normally would. The sting has also been taken out of my total commute time because I can now turn every moment where I am completely stopped into a productive exercise. Lunata’s cordless rechargeable took has transformed my LA nightmare.

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