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Inside Luxe Hair Care Brand Oribe with High End Salon Sales Guru Lori Polk

Ever wonder what it’s like to work with a sleek, sexy and opulent hair care brand? Us, too! 

That’s why we tapped Oribe professional Lori Polk to fill us in on all the details. Below, she shared the inside scoop on the brand, their amazing live education series, her current favorite curl products and more.

MA: How did you get your start in the hair industry?

Lori Polk: After eight years as a makeup artist, I was yearning for something more. My friend encouraged me to apply for an inside sales job at a hair care company she worked for at that time. I immediately fell in love with the artistry, history and storytelling that could be done through hair. Most people outside of the industry have no clue all that goes into being a stylist or developing their favorite shampoo. I am forever in awe of our industry and how we are able to connect with people in such deep ways.

MA:Tell us a little bit more about your work with the Oribe brand.

LP: Oribe is my definition of modern luxury with a sprinkle of that ‘90s supermodel-sexy confidence and the products actually work. I currently work as part of the sales team in developing a territory of high-end salons in my market. I love working with small business owners and thinking of ways to grow their business and their teams. The best part of what I do is making that connection with stylists that Oribe is not just shampoo and they are not just stylists. We are a culture and they are style makers, therapists, scientists, sculptors and the list goes on.

MA: What do you love most about the brand?

LP: I love my Oribe family. It’s rare to work for a global brand that you can build such strong relationships with people across all channels and divisions. The Oribe team wants not only the best for the brand, but also the best for each other. I’m grateful for that in these times.

MA: We’d love to know a little bit more about Oribe’s Live Education Series. Can you give us a sneak peak of how these sessions work and what’s discussed?

LP: 2020 has taught us all how to pivot and adapt. Oribe Live Education is simply that, an adaptation of our Journey to Mastery Program via IG or webinar platforms. Our educators and product development team have developed content to help bridge the gap within salon education and inspire our network of stylists during these challenging times. From braids to accessories, to short cuts and bridal hair, our educators share their passion weekly (from their homes) during salon shut downs.

MA: What are your current go-to styling products for curls?

LP: Last year, we expanded our Moisture and Control line to include products for highly textured hair folks like myself. I can say hand over heart they are the best. I love the Intense Moisture Masque, Priming Lotion, Styling Butter and the Curl Gelee. Typically if you use a luxe line of products for highly textured hair, the moisture content is not there, but with our line you get so much moisture without buildup or residue. Oh, and it smells amazing with our signature Cote D’Azur fragrance.

MA: Do you have any advice for those of us with dry, frizzy curls? Fill us in on how you keep yours so on-point! 

LP: You really have to feed your curls nutrients for them to spring back to life. Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner that will hydrate. Sometimes we only look at styling products, but if you use a poorly manufactured shampoo and conditioner, you are “feeding” your hair wax and fillers. Healthy hair starts in the shower. Always use a primer to “fill” the potholes your hair naturally has. Think of it like putting a foundation on your face without a moisturizer; it would not spread evenly and you would waste the product. You should also use a styling butter and gel or mousse to style. The styling butter will hydrate and nourish your curls and the gel or mousse will seal the cuticle, define the curls and prevent frizz. It’s also good to comb or Denman Brush the products through and do not touch until completely dry!

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