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10 Luxurious Haircare Gifts for the Bougie Friend in Your Life

Have a bougie friend who you need a little extra help shopping for? Congratulations, your work is just about done, because we know exactly what they want for the holidays: luxury hair gifts.

From a $240 handcrafted hairbrush to a $295 gold-infused shampoo and conditioner set, we guarantee you’ll find something that works for their lavish lifestyle on this list.

All you need to do is start scrolling and get to shopping!

1. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer: $399.99

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is one of the best tools on the market. Once you use it, you will never want to live your life without it. It has one of the fastest drying times without using extreme heat and works for all hair types. There are even five different attachments to help you style and dry your hair in a variety of different ways.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer luxury hair gifts | Mane Addicts

(via Dyson)

2. Slip Pillowcase: $110

This pillowcase is more than just a pretty product. The specially-commissioned Slipsilk promotes anti-bedhead with its revolutionary technology. Hairstylists and beauty experts swear by this pillowcase to get the ultimate beauty sleep.

Slipsilk Pillowcase luxury hair gifts | Mane Addicts

(via Slip)

3. Gisou Honey-Infused Hair Oil: $87

Gisou’s Honey-Infused Hair Oil uses Mirsalehi honey to rebuild and repair dry, damaged tresses. The honey ingredient really helps those luscious locks maintain a level of moisture that can’t be achieved with other oils on the market.

Gisou Honey-Infused Hair Oil luxury hair gifts | Mane Addicts

(via Sephora)

4. Kérastase Initialiste Scalp and Hair Serum: $51

This scalp and hair serum from Kérastase works wonders at strengthening, growing, and restoring hair fibers that have been damaged. Even the most harmed strands can be brought back to life with a few drops of this miracle elixir.

Kérastase Initialiste Scalp & Hair Serum | Mane Addicts

(via Kérastase)

5. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: $48

Forget dry shampoo, it’s all about the texturizing spray from here on out. This one from Oribe will absorb any excess oil you have going on, all while making your strands smoother, silkier, and more voluminous. Trust us, it is well worth the splurge.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray | Mane Addicts

(via Dermstore)

6. Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Gold Masque: $225

With this high of a price tag, you know this product is something special. The botanical formula is designed to revive, restructure, and regenerate all types of hair. Those with color-treated or dry, brittle strands will especially benefit from the product. It’s basically the fountain of youth in hair mask form.

Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Gold Masque | Mane Addicts

(via Philip B)

7. Drybar The Mixologist Interchangeable Styling Iron: $199

Celebrity-level hair has never been more achievable, thanks to Drybar’s styling iron. Hoping for Instagram-worthy waves or curls? This tool makes it all possible.

Drybar The Mixologist Interchangeable Styling Iron | Mane Addicts

(via Sephora)

8. Mason Pearson Popular Mixture Brush: $240

Mason Pearson has been around since the 1880s, so their products have withstood the test of time. Their Popular Mixture Brush is unlike others on the market, mainly because it is handcrafted. Plenty of time, thought, and care went into making this brush what it is.

Mason Pearson Popular Mixture Brush | Mane Addicts

(via Bloomingdale’s)

9. Kitsch X Justine Rhinestone Stacker Set: $29

These rhinestone bobby pins don’t have the price tag of some of these other luxurious products, though they’re very opulent. No one would know that they’re only $29, because they look way more expensive than they actually cost.

Kitsch X Justine Rhinestone Stacker Set | Mane Addicts

(via Kitsch)

10. Jo Malone London Wild Bluebell Hair Mist: $50

Hair mist is about as bougie as a product as it gets. Notes of bluebell, persimmon, and white musk are combined to create a lush scent that’ll have anyone thinking your friend is richer than they are. And isn’t that what they truly want at the end of the day?

Jo Malone London Wild Bluebell Hair Mist | Mane Addicts

(via Bloomingdale’s)

Don’t forget to splurge on yourself, too. Check out THESE luxury hair gifts to purchase for yourself this holiday season!

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