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Luxy Hair’s Fourth Trimester Fill-In Extensions Are Here to Save Your Postpartum Strands

Postpartum hair loss is an issue moms everywhere struggle with. Around 40% to 50% of women experience postpartum hair loss, so there’s some solace in knowing you’re not alone. Still, it doesn’t make the problem any easier to manage. While there are a number of long-term solutions, short-term fixes are hard to come by. But that’s where Luxy Hair has swooped in to save the day. The luxury extensions brand has just released a line of Fourth Trimester Fill-In Extensions for moms to fake fuller strands after having a baby. Below, we spoke with Luxy Hair president Amy Sveda to learn more about this new launch and what moms can expect from Luxy Hair’s Fourth Trimester Fill-In Extensions.

Mom holding a baby in the air while wearing Luxy Hair Fourth Trimester Fill-In Extensions | Mane Addicts
(Photo courtesy of Luxy Hair)

Mane Addicts: What inspired the launch of Fourth Trimester Fill-Ins?

Amy Sveda: The hair extensions market has historically catered to those that want a specific “look” (fuller, longer hair); however, it is not a one-size-fits-all industry. There is a multitude of problems as it relates to hair that people do not know how to solve, postpartum hair loss being one of them. We wanted to reimagine hair extensions as a solution for those looking to get back to their natural baseline.

MA: How do they differ from other extensions? What makes them special for those in their fourth trimester?

AS: This set was specifically crafted to be easy to use (installation can be done by the customer in five minutes), customizable (we provide smaller clips of hair that can be strategically placed based upon one’s location of hair loss), and undetectable (12″ 100% Remy Human Hair vs. our normal sets that start at 16″). We are offering 40 colors, including balayage and highlight shades to cover more of the consumer base.

MA: Are there any moms who might not be a good fit for the fill-ins?

AS: This set is specifically designed for postpartum hair loss. If someone is experiencing a severe case of alopecia, for example, this would not likely be a product for them.

New mom with Luxy Hair Fourth Trimester Fill-In Extensions in | Mane Addicts
(Photo courtesy of Luxy Hair)

MA: What should new moms know before using the fill-ins?

AS: This is an instantaneous solution (versus serums or vitamins), will not damage your hair, and can be clipped in by a hair extension beginner in five minutes or less, even with a baby in tow. It is not about gaining length as the clips provide hair that is 12″ in length (versus our normal 16″ or 20″ best sellers). It is about getting the wearer back to their baseline. It’s 100% Remy Human Hair and can be treated as you would your own hair (washing, using heat tools, etc.) It is a game-changer.

MA: How can they make the most of the fill-ins during their fourth trimester?

AS: These are honestly so easy. They can be clipped in quickly for unexpected guests, trips to the store, for work, etc. They are truly an everyday solution. To extend the life of the clips, we advise storing them in the provided box or investing in our hair extension carrier.

MA: How do you hope moms feel with these fill-ins now available?

AS: Whether a first-time mom or a mom that has been around the postpartum block before, we know this is a life phase full of transition. Our hope is to help moms feel more like themselves, boost their confidence, and provide an instant solution because so many other options in the market take time to see results. We want to give her one less thing to stress about and one more thing to celebrate.

Mom holding a baby in the air while wearing Luxy Hair Fourth Trimester Fill-In Extensions | Mane Addicts
(Photo courtesy of Luxy Hair)

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